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Amazon Reviews

The Devil's Advocate
2021-12-13 00:19:54

The best customer service!

The best customer service! I can't say amazon never makes mistakes, but they always make it right. Which is not something I can say about a lot of businesses.

Pauline O'Connor
2021-12-12 11:35:12

So far I have nothing but praise for…

So far I have nothing but praise for Amazon - I have ordered numerous items from different companies and very few these days will deliver on time - I know you have to be careful what you order from Amazon as many items come from outside the UK but this is not always made clear in the write up. I think they deserve some credit considering how many items they dispatch in the UK.

Mike Galvin
2021-12-12 02:14:12

I recently gave Amazon a bad review, I was mistaken

I recently gave Amazon a bad review, it was somewhat reluctant. I had an adverse purchase through Wholesale Hunter, a dreadful company by the way. What is learned is if a purchase is not directly from Amazon, a third party seller situation. We the buyer should practice caution, if anything does not seem square with that third party seller, then keep looking. Sometimes a stinker sneaks through, so beware. Amazon's strongest asset is their employees, like many companies. All the customer service people I dealt with recently did a great job overall, Amazon is beyond lucky to have them. I also wish for healing for the employees lost in the recent storm/warehouse, and their families.

2021-12-10 20:57:36

I absolutely love Amazon

I absolutely love Amazon. I have bought many things from them over the years and have rarely been disappointed. My orders come really fast and many times sooner than expected. I've been a Prime member for many years and love that benefit. When I did have an issue with any company on Amazon, the follow-up from Amazon itself was great. My biggest issue is that it's a little too easy to order all my needs from them as well as the things I don't need.

Sunita Kaur
2021-11-28 16:22:46

I love shopping at Amazon

I love shopping from Amazon and trust them more than any other retailer. Excellent customer service. I wouldn’t change anything about Amazon.

Ann Cavedo Melancon
2021-11-28 00:48:03

Very poor delivery service today

Very poor delivery service today. We live out in the country. Our packages were left next to the street by our mailbox. Packages should have been left on the front porch or under the carport, which is where our packages are usually left..

Gregory L.
2021-11-27 14:24:39

There is always something wrong with…

There is always something wrong with Amazon.Starting from out of date food delivery, subscriptions with rising prices with every delivery.Ending on a useless document verification system, which is unable to verify documents accepted by ANY OTHER BRITISH company.That's why I quit my Prime membership after 6 years.

Jacqueline Welsh
2021-11-26 15:34:33

Good delivery time and came on time

Good delivery time and came on time. My products was as expected. Will recommend to friends and family

2021-11-25 19:03:13

Please stop collaborating with Airmee…

Please stop collaborating with Airmee in Sweden. They never deliver on time, and whenever I ordered a product from Amazon, I end up with local delivery with Airmee without my consent. They failed to deliver such time-sensitive items as medical products or a birthday gift, even when I paid an additional fee to Amazon to ensure fast delivery.

2021-11-25 18:00:15

Amazing, fast deliveries

Amazing, fast delivery. Love prime feature, very money worth since it also gives access to free tv shows, movies and extra features on alexa, next day delivery and more. Always use amazon for it's swift delivery and good quality products.

Arani Guha
2021-11-25 15:54:18


Excellent. It works most of the time.

2021-11-24 20:31:35

You want honesty and REAL facts? Read this. This is almost a decade of facts.

Anyone who says, "Amazon just screwed me and that's it" is just, in fact, a LIAR. Things you do NOT need to approach Amazon with to get good results: Laziness, Attitude, Ignorance and a LOT of people do just that. All this name-calling and venom is just written in ignorance.If you have had a horrible experience, with Amazon, 95% of the time YOU are to blame for most of the problem. It comes down to a few factors on how you rate Amazon and a lot of people will rank Amazon in the heat of anger or without all the facts. I don't do that because i've used Amazon long enough to know they are a "middle" man and they are far better than most about "trying" to make things right. Amazon is dependant (often) on 3rd party sellers and at the mercy of USPS, UPS, and FedEx and SO many people do not take this into account when ranking them.Now, this is not to say that Amazon hasn't "slowed" on how they do things. Yes, "some" of their Amazon bases don't know what "efficient" means when it comes to processing and shipping because they don't have the staff to support the demand (read that again because that fact is KEY) and their 3-5 day guarantee goes out the door REALLY quick. In point of fact, that little idealism just needs to be removed because it makes them look worse than bad.Has Amazon ever "screwed" me on and order. NO and they never will. Why? A lot of people don't handle their situation with research and evidence, I make it a point to do that. I check tracking, i talk to my UPS and USPS mail people, i contact possibly 3rd party sellers to find out what's going on before i even "think" of contacting Amazon.Once you have all the possible facts and (again this is KEY so re-read it) you have a "solid" history with them, they will ALWAYS go out of their way to take care of you IF you get a good associate to talk to.Lately, i've been "flushed" by some online chat associates so CALL rather than chat because it's harder for them to make up some excuse about "disconnections" when SOME of these associates (3rd party and out-sourced, you KNOW when you get a good associate vs a out-sourced one) just don't want to handle you.If you come to Amazon "calm" and in possession with as many facts (out of your own investigation) as possible they will work with you and, often, they will drop you some credit to your account for your inconvenience.Now this is not saying that there are no bad associates. Yes, there are so i could do without myself by they are FEW and far between unless you get some of these outside of your own country trying to work situations inside your own country.IF YOU GET A BAD ASSOCIATE then TRY AGAIN and call or chat to get a better one. Don't be LAZY about it, try harder. Take a breath and get your anger out of your system.If you try you WILL get satisfaction with Amazon if you have a "solid" history with them. However, if you are known to have called in several issues without the facts, they won't try so hard because they just know you're a pain and don't want to deal with you.Now, let me clarify this: I have returned hundreds of items but i've been with them since the beginning and they know me and there are "notes" on me that says, "He investigates, don't try and BS him" because i've talked voice with a few and they've told me there are notes on me. They know i go the distance when it comes to facts so they know THEY have to go the distance as well.If you are expecting to call in and get butt kissers then you are the problem. They are not there to apologize and beg for forgiveness. They are there to follow facts/data and try to fix the issue to the best of their somewhat limited power (it goes in levels and the end-level phone associate might not have the ability to get what you need) so DONT GET HOSTILE for no reason.

2021-11-23 23:44:13

So far I had great experiences and the…

So far I had great experiences and the sellers are responsive, fast and competent. Also regarding VAT and taxation outside EU

Megan Heard
2021-11-23 15:23:14

Thanks for help

Thanks for help

Paula Wiginton
2021-11-23 11:41:44

Best delivery service EVER

I was never a fan of online shopping until covid happened but now I'm hooked and absolutely love Amazon. I have done most of my Christmas shopping through Amazon. With Prime you also get free movies and audio books. Amazon do the best delivery service EVER, you are always kept updated with the tracker. Amazon kept me sane through covid and I am well and truly hooked

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