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Iolo Reviews

Werner Krotz
2020-02-25 14:07:50

Can't get iolo support

What I write now relates to the Iolo Netherlands Company.If you call their online support form you see the sentence:"Without a customer number (GMX & customers) we cannot support you in this case."I do not have a customer number, there is no one in any document.The seller (Avangate) also has no customer number for me.Nevertheless I requested support from them twice without being able to provide a customer number, weeks ago. No answer comes.Today I made a new registration of my product (System Mechanic Ultimate Defense) and tried again to request support by the online support form. It contained the following sentence:PLEASE DELETE MY BYEPASS ACCOUNT SO THAT I CAN START AGAIN. I FORGOT MY MASTER PASSWORD.Can I hope that someone will do this?**********The answer of didn't help. I'm going to report what I did.I called System Mechanic Ultimate defense.Being there, I called ByePass.Now I saw upper left a little house in a red square.Going to the square with the mouse pointer, dashboard opened. But there were no options which I could choose, only an empty space showed up.I NEED ANOTHER EXPLANATION.**********I was not allowed to enter the email address. Therefore I changed the "@" to "[at]".My email address is werner.krotz[at] you so much.**********I requested support by the online support form of the Netherlands Company three times. They ignored me three times. Therefore I cannot give five asterisks, only four.The US company helped me very efficiently. My access to the customer care portal was blocked. They helped me to define that access anew. And they deleted my ByePass account so that I could set a new master password.Thank you, Trustpilot. To enter my request as a Trustpilot review was the only way for me to get help.

2020-02-25 03:26:40

I wrote a review about Iolo .com and…

I wrote a review about Iolo .com and Privacy Guardian not working in SM Ultimate.The US company did not get back to me but the Netherlands company did write to me. Their service is superb and they have the courtesy to reply to customers and keep them informed. I believe the US company whose Customer Service I SPOKE to on two occasions did not reply to me or give me a valid answer to my question. The Netherlands company offer excellent service and I would advise anyone having problems with System Mechanic to deal with the Netherlands company and not the US company. My sincere thanks to Ruud in the NetherlandsThank you for your ridiculous reply. Of course I have ticket numbers December 23, 2019 ==64159 December 30, 2019 ====64163NO I DID NOT CALL AVANGATE FOR ASSISTANCE. i SENT THE LOG FILES WHICH YOUR TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT ASKED ME TO DO---but then your are totally unaware and out of touch,of what is going on in your technical department.

2020-01-14 17:22:45

Bought System Mechanic for £24 in…

Bought System Mechanic for £24 in December. Have bought a new laptop and cannot find my activation code. The only way I seem to be able to contact customer service is to phone the USA which is expensive. Cannot find an email address.Have tried the web address given but no activation code appearsHave now managed to contact Iolo and they now have sent me my activation code Thank You

LD Wright
2020-01-06 02:36:10

I don’t understand all the negative reviews....

I don’t understand all the negative reviews for this product. I’ve used SM(all versions) and Phoenix 360. I’ve yet to have a single issue using either and they have performed flawlessly each time.

Andrew M. Cassel
2019-07-25 15:16:06

Absolutely wonderful

Absolutely wonderful. From initial call to problem solved was about 20 minutes. The software and support centre work, and any problems I had are expected with technology. Nobody likes to be the 1 in 1 million, but a quick and efficient solution made the problem disappear.

Simon jones
2019-07-24 17:27:55

used it for years its a great tool in…

used it for years its a great tool in all aspects. The only people who whinge about the programme are those noobs who just cant be bothered to read how to work it..stop progs starting removes junk back up, reports errors and makes it all run smooth

Welmoed Jonker
2019-07-09 07:07:06

Experiences with Phoenix360 and System Mechanic

The product itself is working fine, no issues.I use 3 computers (2 desktop, 1 notebook).On the notebook I have the following issues:- due to a small size screen (12.1") the iolo System mechanic windows does not fit and only can be resized in heigth.- Installing updates is a bit cumbersome. Running is no issue, but there it stops and won't proceed to really install the update. My latest version on the notebook is while the desktops already have installed - It should be noted that all these computers run Windows 10. Desktops are all v1903, the notebook has to stick to version 1709 because the newer W10 versions have no driver for the video adapter.

Bear Hampton
2019-07-01 20:35:26

I liked Phoenix 360 UNTIL the near…

I liked Phoenix 360 UNTIL the near constant pop-ups (Save 40%, Add Time Now and so on), they pop up while gaming and override the game and are generally a nuance, I can find no way to turn them off

João Silva
2019-05-13 17:22:15

Allways trusted in this application but…

Allways trusted in this application but now i can't install last update. Allways telling me to reboot my computer and doesn't install anything because after rebbot it says the same again!!!!!Any fixing option for that?

Jerry Semler
2019-04-26 02:56:35

Loyal System Mechanic User..less so for PrivacyGuard

I have been using system Mechanic since it first came out. I later upgraded to Phoenix360. Not bad until recently when the suite was updated. I have to disable the tracking on PrivacyGuard so I can run Internet Explorer; else it locks me out of most URL's. I am waiting for resolution from tech support. While I would (and have) recommend System Mechanic, I reserve comment for PrivacyGuard until tech support fixes my problem. Getting to tech support is tricky. is not user friendly. Short of an 800 phone (Pacific time zone) call, I had to go through FB to get their attention.

Dean Harrison
2019-04-24 08:22:10

Brilliant product

Not entirely sure where all the bad reviews on here come from? I have used system mechanic for years and have always found it to be reliable and valuable programme. I am a pretty heavy gamer and system mechanic just works away in the background to keep the PC clean and free of junk. I have never needed to use customer services (the programme has always installed and run perfectly) so cannot comment on that.**EDIT I had an issue installing Phoenix360 but raised a support ticket, recieved a response within 48 hours and that has now solved the issue.

Stuart Booth-Roderick
2019-04-13 23:14:24

Frankly outstanding, I can’t see why ppl don’t like it

Ive had this for a few years now and can honestly say it is the best I have ever had, I’m a fairly intensive gamer racking up some 12-18 hrs a day and the package does everything and more that you can want. It keeps my machine clean of junk, keeps it optimised and runs in the background for me. It’s also one of the fastest products I’ve ever used, one of the smoothest and all round great product. I’ve upgraded my package and the customer service has always been great, I don’t mean just when taking your money! I’ve logged a couple questions and ideas and they’ve always got back to me promptly politely and helpfully - something you want in customer service. Thank you

Daniel Cintron
2019-02-16 20:30:27

Very good experience

Very good experience! Easy to purchase and download! Helped my PC immediately!

Mr Mrs Perkins
2019-02-14 10:50:21

I have been a customer for many years

I have been a customer for many years. Product has and is working well. Customer Service though is non existent. Could not access my account. Forgotten password, email ad not recognised. Twice mailedcustomer service, twice received automatic reply that a case had been opened though three weeks on nobody has contacted me. Is everybody on holiday or something else. Renewal later this year may not continuing.Iolo Tech has been in touch and sorted out my issues. The product never was a problem and now it is running on my new device.Many thanks for your help

2018-12-30 11:59:29

I can only repeat the numerous negative…

I can only repeat the numerous negative aspects of using Phoenix360. I have used SM for many years with excellent support - when needed - but now all seems to have changed. I have e-mailed support and am waiting (as still for earlier concerns re Malware Killer) some feedback. It is a pity that IoLo seems to have lost the plot. originally you felt they were concerned about any problems Users had and usually responded quickly with a solution..... but now !!!! We wait to see. Will seriously consider not renewing when current licence expires... unless something drastic happens.

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