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Dashlane Reviews

Dashlane Customer
2020-05-18 21:08:44

Very satisfied since first using it

Very satisfied since first using it. I can forget passwords but dashlane is always there with the correct one for each site. Could not ask for a better password manager.

2020-05-16 08:32:09

Really a awesome service .

Really a awesome service .. Recommend

Michael J M
2020-05-06 21:22:41

Very good

Very good, but unfortunately premium version is too expensive for a password manager

Rost Liska
2020-05-02 19:16:21

Optimalizacion your send programing pls

2020-05-01 04:26:36

I waited a log time to write this

This is great software. In the past, I have been too quick to write software reviews only to be disappointed a few months later that the software was not all it was cracked up to be. That has certainly not been the case with Dashlane. I transitioned over from Norton as I knew that their password software was not robust if, for no other reason, they let me use the simplest of simple passwords. Never, did the Norton software suggest I make changes. Dashlane is different. First, do not expect to be up and running fifteen minutes after downloading the software. Dashlane takes a little bit of time...but it is worth it. I had to transition each account over, but that was a great exercise as it forced me to get rid of all my simple passwords, particularly as so many of them were duplicates. My great fear was, "what am I going to do if I forget the login password?" but this not been a problem. There has never been a time when I have needed a password that Dashlane was not already there. This is true across all three of my platforms: iPhone, PC, Tablet. When I add a new password, it shows up everywhere within seconds. After I added all of my passwords, I then went back and logged in to every one of my accounts, and to my surprise, every one of them worked. It is important to recognize that some sites (banks, investment houses, the federal government) have their own rules and do not want to play with Dashlane at first blush. This caused my first call to Dashlane Customer Service and they walked me through the work-around and I have not had a problem since. Even the sites that want a user name, a password, and a member number (American Airlines) were solved so I have never had to recall a password.The Dashlane Password Generator is daunting. It is a nifty tool, but I looked at the dense passwords it created and thought I cannot copy them or replace them, and I am sure I do not want that to be my Amazon Account password. However, after a month, I realized I had not looked for, or even remembered, an old password of mine, so why not have the Generator make 12-digit passwords full of special symbols that I did not know existed on my keyboard. I was also able to take the extra step, on all my financial sites, to have Dashlane add two-factor authentication which I feel makes those sites hack-proof.Dashlane is a critical software. It gives me peace of mind. I feel like my information and my passwords are totally secure and cannot be stolen. It is a small price to pay for the great sense of total security.

2020-04-30 22:13:55

Very easy to use

Very easy to use. I am disappointed that there is no longer a way to pay for 3 years and that the cost went up and only one year subscriptions are available.

Dashlane Customer
2020-04-26 07:38:59

For me an essential app

For me an essential app although I haven't tried other similar ones. I love using it & feel part of the Dashlane community.My only issue is that sometimes it glitches (I have to reboot) & a few times I've had to re-install.

Walter H
2020-04-26 06:45:56

Great interactive password manager

Cuts way down on time to log in to websites, supply personal information (name, address, email, and so on)

Richard Bohn
2020-04-23 01:17:39

A genuine game-changer!

I had a serious accident a while ago with a brain injury. My short term memory is pretty much gone. I was already using Dashlane (for years!) But now it is a genuine game-changer!

Dashlane Customer
2020-04-22 00:49:05

I really like Dashlane but there are…

I really like Dashlane but there are web sites that try to login to and and the name and password won't populate. So I have to go into the details in my Dashlane website and get the password etc and sign i manually. I have checked the help section in Dashland and it didn't help. This used to work flawlessly but not any more. I am sure there is an answer to fix this but I can't find it. I am keeping Dashland and hoping the issues can be solved. I am hoping that a Dashland tech see's this and offers a solution.

2020-04-18 02:27:40

Great App, needs a Premium Family Plan too!!

Great App, REALLY useful!! A Premium Family Plan with INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTS would be much appreciated.Call it Family Pack/Plan/Anything, but please MAKE ONE! It's needed.Every family member uses several electronic devices, PC, phones, tablets, etc. sharing passwords. Thank you very much in Advance

Bob Grant
2020-04-17 23:30:56


BASICALLY A VERY SOLID APP. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH DUPLICITY I recently opened the app to research a password and found 22 listings for the same site. Maybe I am.not smart enough to use it, but I would think when a new password is entered, earlier entries would be removed. I only want to see the most current entry

L J Manweiler
2020-04-16 02:13:55

Only one password to remember!

Excellent piece of software which makes managing your passwords simple across multiple platforms.

G. Adams.
2020-04-14 15:51:56


Works well but would be even better if partial passwords were catered for.

Dashlane Customer
2020-04-13 03:09:01


I enjoy not having to remember passwords and especially the VPN!

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