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EBay Reviews

2020-05-06 23:38:42

Love it.

In a sea of bad reviews you magically found a good reviewing one. Why? I love eBay. It's like Craigslist or offerUp but far better and safer. Sure it's got fake products all over the place but just ignore the obviously fake stuff and you find amazing deals and a wealth of items not even rivaled by gumtree. I have never received a bad product from eBay, I do agree they should clamp down on the amount of fake stuff on here and that when shopping you shouldn't have to be on your toes. Think of it like a flee market, full of fakes and resellers. But you can find very cool, cheap used stuff. Be careful and this site is fantastic

Khalig Aslanov
2020-05-03 22:55:58

I have years of experience with ebay

I have years of experience with ebay. And I am tottaly happy with

2020-04-30 17:12:37

EBay, doing good by me

In the past I have had some horrible problems with eBay, but that is always down to some conning seller on there, rather than eBay themselves.I did have cause to use eBay's customer service, due to a Chinese seller selling fake capacity usbs, and, whereas I didn't get the full amount refunded, they were banned from selling on ebay as a result.And I have to say, since this God awful virus has everyone locked up and shut in, eBay have become a very good source of entertainment.And it's much easier to get what you need, fairly easily, provided you cover yourself as much as possible.

Eddie Mills
2020-04-30 15:24:10

Not trustworthy.

Thirteen years with eBay 100% Positive feedback. Decided after a lot of buying and not a lot of selling, to sell a couple of items. One of my listings I put a buy it now option I thought quick sale bit of cash. Sure enough sold first day buyer paid with PayPal. I posted item next morning tracked Royal Mail delivered and signed for the following day. When I checked PayPal money was showing in my account but a message said eBay have requested a hold on this payment. Apparently if you haven’t sold for a period of time they hold your money until proven credible (Thirteen years not long enough). They should not give you the option to use the buy it now if you haven’t sold for awhile then. The idea of buy it now is to get a quick sale and cash flowing. Oh and guess what, PayPal have taken their fee.

Terrence Simpson
2020-04-24 10:03:11

baskets of washing all over the place.

Our washer broke down and I thought there is no way we're going to get one quick with the coronavirus pandemic, Anyway it took three days to get here after purchasing from Ebay, got banged out of bed to our brand new washer this morning at 8 am 24-04-2020 glad I chose Ebay.

Sandra Rivers
2020-04-14 07:22:11

I order of eBay as you can get good…

I order of eBay as you can get good items cheap.. But since the coronavirus ebay seems of taken advanced of by putting the prices up. Disgusting!!! Using this situation to make money... I will not pay for items if price has gone up.. Not good to make a profit out of a deadly virious.. So not happy xxx

2020-04-09 09:26:44

Meh this company is

Bas Messer
2020-04-08 14:56:12

I have used ebay for over a decade and…

I have used ebay for over a decade and I think the service is great.All my purchases have been positive.To clarify there have been a few incidences where an item wasn't as expected and in those cases with a few clicks I was able to return post the item at no cost and receive a full refund.

Cathryn Mills
2020-04-02 12:22:46

Be Aware eBay - you may not know this is happening!

I usually like eBay but these are exceptional times and they are not responding in the Resolution Centre so I cannot get my message across to them.This has been my recent experience, see below what I have sent to friends and family ...WARNING!Most family and friends know that Ian (Hubby) has had serious chest issues for most of his life.These gradually worsen as he gets older so, with that in mind and Corona virus around, we tried to get him a new kind of ventilator called an oxygen concentrator.Over the last few weeks I have bought FIVE of these on eBay, from China - the only source.NONE have arrived.Despite saying "I do not want a refund." and "I do want the item", I have now had refunds for 3 of the 5.I hope that the other 2 are on their way.I question whether there is any stock available in the first place .... or have I become a new kind of Money Lender???I'd like my message to go viral …. I HAVE become a money lender and am strongly suspicious that the sellers know very well that they don't have the product and are STILL advertising them on eBay. A whole host of fraudulent suppliers who know they have no stock to advertise or sell, could have a fantastic turnover in their bank at any one time without ever posting a single item!!!

Philip Rees
2020-04-01 15:49:59

My personal review of ebay

I have found eBay extremely reliable and easy to use.My searches have,thus far,proved fruitfull and I can find what I want .One minor criticism can be that some ads are too often repeated,but I can live with thate

Brian Molloy
2020-03-13 17:29:49

I have always had good experience's…

I have always had good experience's with ebay,even when I didn't recieve items bought from seller's,ebay always refunded me.

2020-03-06 08:25:22

eBay for Sellers & Buyers

I have been an eBay Specialist since 2008 and have been using on eBay from 2006.I have successfully Managed eBay business accounts for SME companies, non profit charities and my own eBay enterprise where each face their own logistical complications.eBay is an ever evolving global marketplace which sets out stringent policies and procedures to coincide with Distance Selling Regulations and processes to create a safe, honest and trusted environment for both Buyers and Sellers alike.In my experience, I have seen everything, from dishonest Sellers to fraudulent Buyers. Eventually all are removed from eBay by eBay but this does take time but it is something eBay is proactively working on to improve the platform.Sellers who complain about eBay generally do not understand how to use the platform correctly or have not received the outcome from a dispute they wanted which may have simply come down to not implementing the correct structure from the initiation of a buyers issue, but that doesn't make it a bad marketplace.Buyers who complain about eBay generally do not understand how distance selling works and that there are governing policies to define what can and cannot be done and usually expect more from Sellers than they're legally required of.In my experience - Sellers who complain are behaving dishonestly and Buyers who complain are trying to play the system whereby both will come unstuck.Sellers should always aim to maintain 100% Positive Feedback with 0% DSR with impeccable communication, Fast & Free Shipping and be rewarded with a Top Rated Seller badge with items qualifying for Premium Seller status.Buyers should always refrain from randomly or flippantly leaving poor negative feedback and be open to amicably cooperating to resolve a dispute or issues with a Seller.Your experience will only be as good as your involvement.Advice to Buyers:a) Read the description fully and see what is/not includedb) Base your purchase on the seller not the price.c) Check the sellers performance / Feedbackd) Ask questions if you unsure - sellers welcome thise) Check the shipping ETA so you know when to expect itf) Check your name, address & contact number at checkoutg) If there is an issue, communicate with the seller to resolve ith) If the Seller fails to help, involve eBay to step into assistI) Buy responsibly and leave honest fair feedbackAdvice to Sellers:Ensure the you cover the above Advice to Buyers!

MHM Sales
2020-03-03 13:25:27

I was so impressed when eBay stepped in…

I was so impressed when eBay stepped in to help with a refund on a fake item. After trying to resolve it myself for 10 days will the seller, their customer support team stepped in and solved it in 5 minutes. Great staff and customer care. This is the first issue I’ve ever had and they resolved it so quickly. Thank you

Steven Hall
2020-02-23 10:28:41

ebay resolution centre

personally i would like ebay resolution centre to act faster in resolving my cases from non compliant or incompetent sellers.As the process from start to finish can take weeks just to get a full refund. Apart from that ebay is very good at keeping there business professional and generally to a high standard. I personally have ordered hundreds of items over the years. With only a few times i have had to use ebay resolution centre But it is a very slow process which ebay need looking into to keep loyal customers happy

Cagle Beverley
2020-02-21 21:00:26

I'm happy with my order

I'm happy with my order, overall.

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