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Troll And Toad Reviews

2020-05-05 20:31:03

Great customer service

My packages worth 300$ unfortunatelydidn't arrive. Was in touch with them during the time waiting for my package, they immediately refunded me after waiting a certain amount of time.Sadly enough i actually was waiting day by day to finally receive them but it never came. Anyhow the way they helped me was really exceptional am very happy with ms Shannon and would recommend using troll&toad, Since they go over and beyond to assist you with problems.

Nathan Johns
2020-04-25 09:16:51

I have ordered from then 3 times

I have ordered from then 3 times. My third time was last week. And normally the package arrives within a week. I ordered my package about 6 days ago. I got the confirmation that it was shipped today. But due to recent events its understandable. Now for the cards I'm a collector and recently read what their condition breakdown of a card is. Because if you havnt noticed the best condition card you can buy from them no matter the price is Near Mint. NM. This was something I didnt realize the first time but the second I noticed the NM pokemon 1st edition cards holos, rates a little under half would be pretty good and the other half would have Whiting on the edges scratches. So it is a gamble. BUT!!! They do state on their website about this exact thing. In short they state what they believe near mint means. And they specify this site may not be for collectors. Fair enough. I only collect vintage pokemon cards. Base set through Skyridge. And they do have some good prices on cards. But its still a gamble but to me most of the time its worth it. So far. If your looking for mint condition cards you better look on Ebay. So far I mean everything is good. I'll leave a final review on this 3rd order that comes in soon. I read alot about ppl sending in gem mint rare cards to sell them and them switching them out with bad ones and telling the sellers that the cards they sent in are not good. I have seen alot of these but I want to believe they woildnt do that. It seems like if that really happened that many times there would be an investigation since so many ppl had the same story. Business like that cant stay in business. But I don't know as I buy cards. And so far I havnt been upset. Good prices on vintage cards. As I see it I'm collecting as many as j can. The price for these kinds of cards will only go up and everh year there will be less and less until a regular non holo base set card goes for 10x the amount. Hold on to them. Trust me

2020-04-22 10:06:17


Ordered a card that came within 9 days after purchase. A reasonable time for the distance the package had to travel.Overal a nice site to buy from, and to be honest don't let the rating scare you from buying.. most bad reviews comes from sellers and satisfied customers do mostly not leave any feedbacks.

Phillip Cruz
2020-03-26 12:14:15

Good experience .. for now

Well i ordered 9 card which together cost 30$ to try troll and toad. From my first experience they promised NM conditions but most of them came in Mint condition which is the reason of me buying more cards. In overall+points-great condition cards-great communication-points-long shipping-high shipping cost hoped for free shipping on orders over 200$.-In some toploaders they stuffed 2 cards.The second order is on the way a total of 8 cards (200$ +) . Hope for the same quality in the ungraded cards which are supposed to be NM.

Idontwant Totell
2020-03-03 19:26:05

No issues with order

Ordered about 7 Pokemon cards, came to about $5. After 4 days got the notice they shipped, and they arrived on the 7th day after placing it. So I got a confirmation when I placed the order, got a notice when it shipped, got what I shipped and they were in fine shape, and a week from placing my order I'm happy.

2020-02-06 15:29:59


50/50 chance when you purchase a NM single that the card will actually be in NM condition. Shipping is usually fast and reliable but definitely not worth the risk on singles that are on the pricey side.

2019-11-15 13:15:38

I don't get the negative reviews

I don't get the negative reviews, especially when it comes to card condition. (reddit has been rather vocal about that)I've purchased from Troll & Toad 10-15 times over the past few years, 10-50 cards pr order, lots of rare Pokémon cards as well as common/uncommon. They always arrive without damage fairly fast (2 weeks from the U.S to Norway is not bad).The prices are good as well compared to other tcg sites. Unfortunately is rarely an option due to very high shipping rates.Also, I've never received a card that did not stand up to the condition listed on troll&toad, no matter which Vendor I chose to buy from. (T&T fulflls them either way)

2019-10-31 16:34:46


Im glad that I placed my order with Troll and Toad despite all the negative reviews. They offered the cards i bought at the cheapest price. Their service is great. They responded to my mail on the same day and even granted me a one time discount. Their delivery is quick. Troll and Toad shipped (UPS Worldwide Saver) my order on Thursday and I received it on Monday (I live in Germany). My cards were well-packaged and in near mint condition just like described. Overall Im really happy and recommend buying from Troll and Toad.

Cody Knight
2019-10-24 20:46:37

Troll and Toad is A1 for trading card fans

My Troll and Toad experience was phenomenal!Not only was the delivery quick and efficient, the cards I ordered were in very good condition, and well-packaged. I did have a problem when I placed a certain card in my cart but after I ordered, it was gone, I contacted Troll and Toad and they were really understanding and nice about it.Overall experience using Troll and Toad was very good, and I will be buying more of their cheap and amazing selection.

2019-09-21 10:38:11

Don't believe everything you read..

Overall I was somewhat hesitant with placing my first two orders on here due to all the negative comments and reviews T&T has accumulated throughout the last few years. Upon noticing I was sent a wrong card I reached out to them and after a few days past I was greeted by one of the nicest customer service representatives ever, Alexa. Phenomenal service and excellent experience with her. She offered to send the card I initially ordered without any hassle. This alone has made all my doubts regarding T&T dissappear. I will be placing more orders in the foreseeable future. The cards were as mentioned, there was some slight wear and tear but nothing super serious. Other than the one wrong card I got, I am very pleased and satisfied with the rest of my order.

2019-08-09 03:46:37

[Resolved] Buylist not being processed or paid for for more than 2 weeks with Zero communication

*Update*I have reached them on Facebook where I found immidiate assistance and the issue was resolved a few days later. I do hope your support chanel throughtout various platforms become more consistant as it is a bit wierd to be instantly available on facebook but mostly absence on your own website.I will continue support Trollandtoad as I have been for years as they commited to a solution in paying me for the order, and will give them a higher rating after a few transactions if they go right.*End of Update**Initial Review*I have bought from many times in the past and it will mostly go fine (with an exception of some cheap cards being recieved below the advertised condition but I'll still ignore it although I have video evidence of every single package opening), however this is my first experience in selling to them. I have been trading with collectables for years and with almost excellent ratings on multiple platforms both locally and internationally (references could be provided if you care lol).I have decided to sell some cards to Trollandtoad and communicated with them (since I'm international) I asked them on the procedures, logistics, etc. and agreed to proceed further with the deal. I have submitted 3 buylist orders and send them as follows:1 order worth $100+ paid in store credit.2 orders (combined in 1 package), 1 worth $40+ store credit and another $400+ to be paid by through paypal. Now the 2 orders in 1 package (#394020 & #394231) have arrived their facility on the 25th of July and the $40+ order (#394020) has been processed and cleared but the 400+ bucks order (#394231) has not yet be porocessed or even updated in the system, as if it was never sent to them.The 3rd order has arrived a few days later and was processed quickly within 2 worjking days.I have emailed them 3 times throughout the past 15 days with absolute no replies while they used to reply me within a day or 2 when I used to buy things or enquire on details. They promise in their Terms and Conditions is that "All payments are generally made within 5 business days after your order is processed' and it has been more than 10 business days and they haven't even declared that they received my order! Am I about to get scammed here for $420?The order was for bulk cards (210 cards) which were well organized, packaged and impossible to miss (since they noticed and processed the small stack of $40 in the same package long ago) so it really shouldn't take longer to process than the other order in the same package.I have heard negative reviews about them but I still do trust them as I have bought from them multiple times and as a business person myself, I beleive in maintaining good buyer/seller relationaship as it's crucial to every business person and you can literally be put out of business these days where competition is fierce. Cards and collectable hobby is a growing business and if they continue to go downhill they'll soon be replaced with a better company .. look at TCG and how they treat their buyers with respect and professionalism, if they start selling to international buyers they'll affect trollandtoad business.I hope this gets fixed soon so I can change my review, still can't believe my first experience in selling with them has gone terrible together with the lack of communication/responsibility shown by them.

Lewis Alligood
2019-08-06 15:26:28

THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED (Has been resolved)

In the past I have had good confirmation and yes its true they will take cards off of your order if they go up in price to sell the next day. But this issue is about my order recently. I have not gotten any kind of shipping details or anything. Just a confirmation saying my card was charged. They say as soon as your payment goes through they ship. My payment went through 3 days ago and still no confirmation. I have emailed them twice. No reply when in the past they have been good about replying. If any troll and toad admin sees this my order number is #8328726. Until this issue is fixed and the cards I ordered are shipped. I will not change my rating. I really hope they are not holding my cards to see if they went up in price. That is bad business. Order finally shipped after emails and complaints. Thank you. Will be looking forward to them. Word of advice to anyone who shops on this site. Do it on a weekday. Mon-Friday.

Pedro Oliveira
2019-07-28 00:31:29

They have very good prices

They have very good prices, sadly it gets too long to arrive to europe, it took me 40 days. Got the economy shipping and they arrive in good condition. Still think it is worth it to buy in here but be advised that it will take a long time to arrive

2019-06-18 15:51:44

Not bad

I've bought from them on a number of occasions. About 10-15% of the cards come in less than NM but that's no big deal.They almost always send the wrong cards on every order but I must say that their customer service does try to make it up. Just wish I could get the right cards the first time

Aron Nepstad
2019-06-17 16:13:48

Thanks for nothing

I have ordered from this site about 40 days ago and my package still has not arrived. I tried contacting them over email and by calling the given phone number. The emails have not been replied to and nobody ever picks up the phone i only get the voice mail. So basically i lost my money have no info on where my package could be and nobody feels the need to respond to my mails. Thanks.If somebody from T&T reads this and feels like helping out, here is the info: Order ID: 83161103Order Date: May 05, 2019Order Status: Order ShippedShipping Method: Economy Shipping InternationalEdit: Thx for the reply, if your suggested procedure works out i will gratefully higher the rating!Edit 2: As you can see in my primary review, i had problems with the company troll and toad due to a missing order and therefore only gave them 1 star. I am now bumping my rating up to 5 stars as they did offer help and even apologized for the missing order. On top of that i did get a refund for my order which i am very grateful for. Thank you very much!!!To all others out there ordering, quick reminder from my behalf always order with tracking. It may cost a bit more but you will be on the safe side of things. Have a gerat day,Aron

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