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VUDU Reviews

First Coast Logistics
2021-02-08 22:28:22

Seamless Business. Love it!

I have been a faithful and loyal customer to VUDU! Love how seamless it is. It reminds of my old days with Blockbuster. Straight simple forward business. You either rent the movie or buy it. I always buy and when I do I always buy HD. AMAZING PICTURE QUALITY. 10x better than I have ever seen. Thank you VUDU. I own over 200+ movies and TV shows with you guys. I watch on my phone when I’m traveling. Just wish I could watch in other countries. Maybe one day you will!!!

Lorene Howard
2020-12-06 21:06:18


So far, excellent. Love the free videos and love rating the videos. Also, VUDU is much cheaper to rent movies and videos, in my opinion!

Denise Marie Beckwith
2020-08-24 07:02:42

Where is my finale???

I have used Vudu to purchase and store my movies and TV series for many years now. Since 2012 if I remember correctly. I have never had any issue with Vudu. I felt the need to write this review simply because I don't see many positive reviews listed on this site. I have not experienced any of the issues that were negative. My only complaint is this one thing. When you purchase a TV series that is a new season which is being aired over the paramount network in my case. "Yellowstone", after an episode Aires on the network you still can not watch the latest episode until sometime 10 hours later. One example of this is last night at 8:00 p.m. the finale aired. It is now 3:00 a.m. the following day and I still can not watch the episode. I don't know what enables customers to actually see the latest episodes but this process needs some attention. I would love to see the finale that was aired last night but I am still waiting to watch it even though I have paid for this a long time ago. What's up???

Theresa Haneline
2020-07-19 16:12:06

Vudu is good............

I've had Vudu for some time. I love the free movies offered and they have new releases fast. Sometimes a bit pricey to rent them, though. I like that there is NO fee to use. If you rent one, great. If not, no charge. I wish they would add more titles. Other than that, I love Vudu. Far better than Netflix but not quite as good as Amazon Prime Video.

Alicia Renstein
2020-06-26 15:56:11

Thank you for the free movies Vudu

Thank you for the free movies Vudu. I always enjoyed it :)

Soon To Be Famous
2020-05-08 02:29:52

Great technical team

I cannot actually review Vudu and their streaming service since they do not accept the type of device that I use. I would like to review their technical rep., Edgar. Edgar was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would like to give Edgar five stars but since this is also a reflection of Vudu I must be honest and say that "I am disappointed that they did not mention that I could not use the Verizon Broadband system." Edgar was generous, bright, and very knowledgeable. He gave me a credit as well as a refund, now that is great customer service. Thank you for your excellent customer service skills.

2020-04-22 22:38:54

Thanks VUDU for making free movies…

Thanks VUDU for making free movies available now that we are stuck at home.

2020-04-08 19:09:38

Never had a major problem with Vudu

Never had a problem with Vudu, it seams people love to hate on companys on review sites. I own over 330 movies and TV shows from the service.1) the steaming is good quality from the site, I stream in HD and UHD all the time from the site. if you have issues with quality, it most likely is your internet provider and you own connection. usually it is not on VUDU's end.2) this is NOT a subscription site!! it is a site where you PURCHASE and RENT digital movies and TV shows!! if you signed up for a subscription you are most likely not on the legit VUDU site and may be on a scam site!!3) The content provided and digital redemption codes found in DVD's and Blu Rays are not provided by VUDU and are up to the Movie/TV distributors discretion. Not all distributors/producers have contracts with VUDU so the codes may not all work on the site. But to be fair a vast majority do!! and VUDU is partnered with other sites like amazon, movies anywhere, and itunes so chances all..but not always, if you buy the movie on one of those sites it is also available to stream on VUDU as well if you link your accounts to it.4) customer service, I've had a few problems with promotions and codes not working as advertised, but after a few emails i got them resolved. The latest with with a Indian Jones Complete Collection i bought on Blu-Ray that had an offer sticker on it for a free digital copy if you scan your walmart receipt. Well I scanned the receipt and did not get the digital copy, but after a few pictures and email, VUDU added the movies to my account and resolved the issue. Linking your Walmart account to VUDU and scanning your receipt with the walmart app usually adds the movies you buy physically to your digital collection if the Movie Producer has a contract or is partnered with VUDU. Disk to Digital also does not always work as well, but this is also due to the movie studios and not VUDU since movie studios and producers are still in the stone age most the time when it comes to digital or would rather promote their own streaming service (Disney). Vudu also was able to fix my issue with merging my accounts when I originally signed up to VUDU and didn't know i had an account already through Wal-mart, which I did not lose any movies I had and made digial copies via Wal-mart receipts possible.5) never rented from them since I prefer to buy my movies, but if you rent from them and don't watch the movie and the rental expires..that's on you. It would be no different then getting a late charge on a rental from a video store.6) The digital store prices sometimes are high, compared to just buying it physically. But if you wait for sales you can get many great movies for cheap!! sales are common and change weekly!! the $5 weekend sales are the best! Also early access on new releases are great and I collect my movies both digitally and physically and VUDU being connected to Wal-Mart often times allows you to buy new movies on disk along with digital and mails you the disk when it is released.7) plenty of free content is available for no purchase, just sign up and create an account. If you have a Wal-mart account online you most likely already have a VUDU account as well since I'm fairly certain Wal-mart owns VUDU. The free content is mostly older stuff with commercials in the middle of the stream from time to time, but its free. and the content is changed out periodically for different movies and shows, usually monthly. Basically even if you never plan to buy anything on VUDU, its still a decent app to have just for the free content alone.8) stream with almost any device. I stream my content mostly on my PS4 in my living room. but just about every smart device has a VUDU app for it. I cut the cord last year and between VUDU, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and Funimation I never have a lack of something new to watch.Digital is the future, and I'm taking full advantage of it due to convenience and variety.

Stormy Mcdowell
2020-03-19 04:39:17

Vudu sends an email that can't be blown…

Vudu sends an email that can't be blown up an expects me to be able to micro type what i can't micro see. Forget loging back in if you can't remember password.

Anna Feagan
2020-01-29 06:29:39

Never had any problems

Never had any problems, have 200+ movies and have used vudu for years!! Happy customer

Karen Maze
2020-01-04 19:59:58

Happy customer!

I have had Vudu for years and I have over 500 movies that I have purchased or redeem on Vudu. I have never had any issues ever. I don’t know what these other reviews are taking about. I’ve had 3 different internet providers and have had no issues what so ever and I would highly recommend this service.

Mary Katherine Carlisle
2019-11-04 19:02:36

This came as an app on our tv and it’s…

This came as an app on our tv and it’s always worked perfectly. I’ve never even had to contact customer service so I’m confused by all of these crazy reviews. I like it mainly for Disney movies for my kid, catching up on missed seasons of tv shows, and random horror movies. Never had any issue with buffering (which honestly seems like an internet problem - not the streaming service’s fault).

2019-03-26 13:53:56

Over 1,000 titles

I have had Vudu for 10 years and I love it. I just wish there was an upgrade fee instead of paying full price for a HD or Ultra HD movie. Customer service replies can take weeks, though I rarely need to contact them.

Elvia D. Parrish
2018-10-25 17:20:16


We used the colloidal silver topically on an Histicytoma on our dog (non cancerous, oozing lump) from . It really helped! Dried uit up and healed it quickly (we had been using compresses and neosporin with no improvement). Great stuff. I will now keep it on hand!

Courtney Michelle Hansen
2015-08-29 03:40:23

Saves me from cable

I love the selection from Vudu and the ability to buy my sons movies and watch them on any device, I literally go from TV to tablet in the car to make leaving the house easy in the morning. The movies pick up right where we paused it which is awesome! its cheaper than redbox and you don't have to worry about remembering to return them! plus its conveniently already on my LG blu ray player.

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