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Gamestop Reviews

2020-05-19 01:06:43

I would like to apologise

I would like to apologise, my switch did come today, ordered it Wednesday via 1- 2 day delivery. 5 days is reasonable due to the coronavirus lockdown with every household ordering online. The switch is new as purchased.People are saying there orders ain't sending and games are not working, be patient and don't buy used games or consoles.

Anna B
2020-05-16 14:44:20

Got The Nintendo Switch Lite Finally !!

About a week ago I decided I wanted a Nintendo Switch Lite 100% not knowing how elusive they are right now . My mom took me to six different stores that sold it but we couldn’t find any. GameStop was literally the only seller online who had it for the original price so even though I was hella skeptical we ordered one. Twenty minutes later the order gets cancelled & my dreams are crushed but my stepdad decided to try ordering it again in case I put in any information wrong or anything and this order did not get cancelled ! We ordered on May 11th and it’s scheduled to arrive by May 19th so honestly some of y’all are being d**** rn to gamestop for no reason . We are in a pandemic there is absolutely no reason you should be expecting your package to arrive early regardless of your two extra dollars, Karen. Soooo many more people then usual are using UPS rn it makes sense for there to be time delays as annoying as that is but it issss coming to you . Orders get cancelled for all sorts of reasons INCLUDING your OWN mistakes. The first time I ordered the money was taken off my moms card and when it was cancelled it took less then an hour for it to go back on . Hope this helps the other impatient people like me xoxo

Katie Cavender
2020-05-15 14:58:46

Please relax and respect the struggle of online retailers during COVID-19.

I’m honestly sad that so many people have had bad experiences with because I just had an incredibly positive one. First of all, anyone ordering a Nintendo Switch you should know the risk of submitting an order and having it cancelled considering that this product is selling out in a matter of minutes. This is not GameStop’s fault, it’s the people who set up their computer to automatically buy as many as they can to be resold at a ridiculous upcharge on Ebay. I was able to get an order through, and with no-rush shipping, the order is already out for delivery today, two days later. I definitely think GameStop is getting the short end of the stick with the demand for games and consoles right now, please give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially the in-store employees who are still going to work right now.

Ja'Von M Lacey
2020-05-09 18:40:05

They can help ... sometimes

I ordered a Xbox one x special edition on sale that came on the 22nd of April but would not play any games After having it diagnosed and finding out there was a motherboard issue I called to find out they weren’t taking returns at the store but couldn’t get ahold of Customer service. Once everything opened back up I was able to exchange and order a new one for the same price even though the sale was over and got it 2 days later and it works perfectly. After reading most comments and reviews I was ready to give up but just try and talk to someone at a store they can be helpful sometimes

shane adams
2020-05-09 18:14:12

Katie and Byrd were very helpful in my…

Katie and Byrd were very helpful in my process of ordering my xbox

Xavier Rodrigues
2020-05-06 06:21:37

Great purchasing + shipping experience so far! 5 star experience at this point!

Ordered from GameStop recently and decided to research reviews while my shipment was processed! Whoo! Saw a lot of scary reviews recently! A lot of Nintendo issues, shipping and refund issues + communication issues. Anyways I started getting concerned at the ideas of getting a damaged game console and or discs, or the wrong games, or the wrong cases and etc, and I started worrying about seriously delayed shipping times, based off gamestop reviews I've seen recently online. HOWEVER :) , my order was partially fulfilled and shipped the next day, with that arrival three days after I ordered which was a weekend night! My games shipped in the right cases, with the cases looking great! The discs looked perfect under very close inspection, and looked in used- very good condition in a farther inspection (how discs look). One had minimal signs of usage. I dont know if they work yet because my order was partially shipped. Started worrying about the standing of the rest of my order being in "preparing for shipment" status- (within 24hrs of initial order) and for the next 1 weekend day and 2 business days the order partially stayed in that status, so I called the 877 customer support number I found on a google search, the wait was only about 45min. Customer service rep was sweet, patient, informative, & even reassuringly asked if I was sure there was no further help I needed. She told me the rest of my items, including the new console, was literally being "prepared for shipment". She explained that meant the items had indeed been processed and were probably already packed for shipment and just awaiting UPS pickup. I Decided to just wait and be patient & not give in to fear, though upon inquiry she told me I could refund the order if I wanted, before it shipped, with a short 3-5 business day wait. Glad I waited, at least so far I am! Later that night the rest of my order shipped :) !! So that's an order put in on a weekend night, with partial shipment & that part being received (in seemingly very good condition) three days later. The rest of the order, that had been in "preparing for shipment" status for the 3 days, which was actually 2 business days, shipped on the 3rd day after initial order with having a planned receipt at the end of the same business week. That's making total fulfillment within 5 business days, in between 2 shipments! 1 part received 1 weekend day, and 2 business days after initial order, with the other part delivered the 5th business day after initial order! Will have to update on if everything works correctly soon lol, but so far it's been a really great, relieving and enjoyable experience! Just need people to hear about a true 5-star experience with ordering and shipment, so far. I will follow-up with a review of the actual products when I can test them! The games so far look like they'll play in great condition, with the right cases. One disc is looking pretty much perfect, and the other is looking in used-very good condition! I'm very happy, relieved and thus excited about this purchase experience so far! Thanks so much, for the great experience, so far, GameStop. Will return with hopefully a glowing review of my new console system and the used games I ordered alongside soon!!

Caitiana Jones
2020-04-24 18:09:38

Leaving 5 Stars Here

I just wanted to leave a 5 star review amongst all these 1s. I ordered a Switch Lite bundle on Monday, and it was just delivered today (Friday). Everything was in the box and in brand new condition. Shipping times are awesome considering there is a global PANDEMIC. I'm sure their customer service department is extremely overwhelmed right now, and they're probably doing the best they can. Just wanted to bring some positivity. :)

Shaun ONeil
2020-04-18 18:30:38

Leaving a five star review

Leaving a five star review, because if all these people who are whining can come in in the middle of a pandemic, a never before dealt with event and throw a fit, the least I can do I show some support. Video Games are a Luxury, not a necessity and not at all a right, so people seriously need to get their priorities straight.

Lakeisha Adams
2020-04-07 14:47:31

Purchased a PlayStation store digital…

Purchased a PlayStation store digital gift card. Immediate receipt and code. Awesome

Adam Cohen
2020-04-02 07:17:46

Came through big time!

Due to the pandemic shutting down supply chains, Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold out. Most places are selling it at around $150-$250 above the original price or simply stating it's not available. Gamestop had the console available for pre-purchase at original price and got it to me less than two weeks after ordering it! Thanks Gamestop!

Justin D Vallery
2020-03-22 01:41:01

love the new look

Eric Bush
2020-02-05 15:34:05

My go to spot for all video game…

My go to spot for all video game related purchases.... they also have some pretty sweet desk toys!

Maulik Panchal
2020-01-31 04:11:30

GameStop Survey

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Shea Hanson
2019-12-26 20:23:03

Jeremy in Sycamore Illinois Store.

I can’t believe how amazing the manager Jeremy was today in Sycamore, Illinois. Our son dropped his gift card, someone picked it up and used it and this guy stayed passed the end of his shift to leave to get us the money back I have never had a store do that for us. We were in Illinois visiting from Kansas. Amazing customer service. We are forever grateful and appreciative for his effort. So patient and helpful. Thank you so much. We will never shop anywhere else for games now.

Branden Benetti
2019-12-15 02:31:36

Been my go to place for games for years

Been my go to place for games for years. People really think theyre going to get close to full price for trading in older games and its comical. Good selection, my store has friendly staff and they usually have everything I need.

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