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Gate 1 Travel Reviews

2020-05-13 17:17:10

Pro's and Con's

So I used them ten times due to the pricing they provide on their land tours. You have to take the good with the bad concerning this company, unfortunately. Good is the pricing and the itinerary they have for their trips. If you like a fast pace and seeing tons of famous sights without having to plan how you get there, allowing the language barrier not to matter then use them. Their tour managers are always very knowledgeable beyond measure. That's why I use them.Where Gate 1 Travel falls short is service, it is a hit or miss on the local tour guides. Some are excellent if you've never traveled, and others are okay. You have to speak up if you don't like music constantly being played on the buses. Some of the guides tend to play while you go to one destination after the next. Single travelers, you will typically get the worst hotel rooms, sorry to say, and on many occasions. They don't help with visa's. You are on your own with that. I buy travel insurance, but buyer beware and read the fine print because it is not cancel for any reason. Make sure you can go on the trip since their cancellation policy is horrible, especially for airfare. Last leaving a country, they place you on crazy early flights where you depart from the hotel 1 AM to 4 AM to get to the airport. They do not inform you of later flights to avoid this horrible inconvenience since they look to save on bring most to the airport at the same time. In short, they pretend they care; however, if something terrible happens and the local tour manager cannot help you, you are on your own. Gate 1 travel as a company does not give a crap about you as a customer.Booking trips customer service is not that great. You can never get the same booking agent even though they tell you, you can call them for all your bookings. Airport pick-up if your flight is delayed or you arrive late at night you are on your own, and they'll give you a voucher to use on the next trip instead of giving you back your money. You have to tip all the local tour guides they have on the tour, and it can add up to a pretty sum by the time your finish. Buses you use the whole trip are typically clean thanks to some of the bus drivers and others not so much. They are good at supplying water in countries where you cannot drink it from the tap. On the coronavirus, they only supplied vouchers to use on a later trip zero refunds no matter what and they are not available by phone. They don't care what your financial situation is and even with the purchase of the best insurance, you have pages to read through just to say sorry what's happening is not covered.

Michael Anthony
2020-05-03 05:11:11

More of the World for Less . . . .

We have taken 5 trips with Gate 1 Travel and we love this company! Some of our most memorable moments on the planet have been courtesy of Gate 1! Their slogan of more of the world for less is for real. Several people have complained on this site about problems with their insurance - not our experience at all. On one of our trips, Sandy suffered a debilitating injury which left her unable to walk. Arch, Gate 1's insurance company, must have spent 10K flying us back from Turkey first class from our hotel to our front door in Texas. They provided perfect guidance from seeking medical attention in Zagreb, Croatia (that was a trip in itself) to taking care of all the arrangements. It's really bad when something like that happens in a foreign land, but Gate 1 was perfect. On another planned trip for 20 days to China, Hong Kong and Tokyo, which unfortunately we did not get to take because I was suddenly stricken with an immobilizing illness, it killed us but we had to cancel the trip (I could not walk) just a week or so before departure. Again, we were crushed, which was bad enough, but thankful that Gate 1 and Arch refunded all of our money. . . . The only quibble of all our travels with Gate 1 is that we were sold some crummy bulk TransAtlantic airlines tickets on one of our trips, that we could not upgrade, without our knowledge. Gate 1 finally straightened it out, but not without a lot of hassle. We were told on our last trip by fellow travelers that their flights purchased through Gate 1 did not now have this problem, so hopefully this issue has been rectified by the company. And finally, we just had to cancel our three weeks in GB planned for May due to Covid-19, and the company refunded our money no problem, unlike United Airlines, who suck. Bottom line: Give Gate 1 Travel a try, it will be the best decision you've made in a long time. [George Clooney, Up in the Air]

2020-04-12 18:41:56

PIease Gate 1 let us Rebook.

I have traveled with Gate1 before and have always been pleased. My friends and I booked a Tulip Time cruise departing April 25th. It was cancelled of course and we were told if we rebooked we would get a 100% credit which we have on our account. The problem is they will not allow us to rebook for next year yet, while new bookings are allowed not rebooks. Gate 1 has a special right now that saves $800. a person but expires April 30th. I'm afraid the special will be over when we get to book. When the trip was cancelled we lost the credit promotions from last year. I feel we are being treated unfairly and should have been given priority in booking.

Chris Gray
2020-03-19 17:25:57

Wonderful Portugal tour, yeah Berta and Gate 1!

4 of us recently took a tour to portugal and loved it. Gate1 accomadations were very nice and the tour guide,Berta, was wonderful. She was so knowledgeable and gave us a fantastic tour. Gate1 also helped us make arrangements to stay an additional 2 days. I am planning a family trip to portugal and Spain next year and I will not consider using any other travel system other than Gate1. They are wonderful and I'm hoping to get Berta as a guide again. She made the tour fun and she was fabulous.

Naomi Renee
2020-03-12 21:56:22

7 day PERU/Lima/Cusco Machu Picchu

7 day PERU/Lima/Cusco Machu Picchu: I recently returned from a trip to Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu with my stepmom. I'm 31 and my stepmom is 56. My dad purchased this "girls trip" for us as a gift. I had not done group travel before this trip, let alone a group travel of ages ranging from my age to older than my stepmom's. I truly have no words to describe the enjoyment, genuine and exploratory week we had with Americo Romaineville in Peru. He is an excellent example of the education and sincerity that goes into your trip's, and a great example of the strong character of the Peruvian people. Every detail of our trip was organized down to the "t," and my stepmom and I, being two solo female travelers, truly never felt worried about a thing, or that any loose end was missing. The mixture of experiences we had throughout the week, from learning about the Incan culture, exploring and listening to the mysteries of Machu Picchu and Saqsayhuman, and listening to Americo's "behind the scenes" and genuine stories, history and facts about the country and region left me in awe. I started this post saying I was 31 and had never done group travel before because I was a believer that "doing it alone" was best. I enjoyed doing all of my homework and putting the pieces of my trips together myself in the past. However after this trip I can firmly say, if every guide is like Americo Romaineville, group travel is the way to go. I learned history and context of Peru that would have been impossible on my own, and made a true "second family" I will remember forever. On the last night together, a member in our group gave a speech thanking Americo for everything he did for us. From juggling a large group with varying personalities, to making sure every detail was taken care of, he stopped at nothing, and made our experience in Peru one I will hold dearly in my heart forever. Thank you Americo and Gate 1 Travel!

2020-03-12 18:26:01

Gate 1 Not Answering Phones or Returning Emails

My family members have 2 reservations with Gate 1 for travel to Amsterdam 4/9/2020. (Reservation 1778272 and 1766596). Gate 1 has said would allow rebooking and airlines (United and Delta) have said no charge for change fees for this date. 4 of us have sent numerous emails to the site specified during this difficult Coronavirus period. There has been no response to date. The phone numbers provided ring for 2 minutes and do an auto cutoff. There appears to be no way to get them to respond. I have been on prior Gate 1 trips without issue. I understand this is a difficult time, but it’s unreasonable not to be able to discuss situation and confirm rebooking over 4 days.

Elizabeth Thorne
2020-03-11 12:14:15

Great experience with Gate 1 Travel!!

I find that a lot of people use the power of social media when they have an axe to grind, more so than when they actually have a positive experience. After having read the other reviews, I would have to disagree with most of them.My husband and I and two of our friends recently returned from a trip to Morocco. We generally do not do guided tours, but when we saw the deal Gate 1 Travel was offering, we pounced on it. I will say, however, we were a little skeptical going through a travel agency we've never used before, but what's life without a little risk?I found the booking process to be simple and straight forward. They are upfront about what they are responsible for, what they are not, and what you are responsible for. I read the disclaimers front and back and they were very thorough. They mention that they are not responsible for any flight changes (as the airlines operate independently), what type of transportation they will use (and if you bother to look at a map, you should know approximately how long it will take to get from one point to another if you're going to multiple cities), etc.Like I mentioned earlier, we had a great experience. A representative met us at the airport on time, the drive to the first city (meeting point) was smooth and uneventful, and the hotel was as promised. There, we met the other travelers and our tour guide at the orientation. Throughout our 13-day, 6 city tour, our tour manager (Ben), proved to be top-notch. He was very knowledgeable, personable, protective, and you could tell from the get-go that he was passionate about his job and he also loved his country. Ben made an impression on us and he had a direct impact on our experience in Morocco. We cannot say enough good things about Ben!As for the other aspects of the trip (lodging, transportation, etc.), Gate 1 Travel delivered everything they promised. We stayed at the hotels that were on the itinerary, all the meals listed were served, and the tour bus was clean and comfortable. We all felt we got our bang for the buck and then some! We would definitely travel with Gate 1 in a heartbeat.

2020-02-29 17:02:25

Average excursion at best ---- 14 Day Wonders of New Zealand

This holiday started off on the wrong foot. Arrived @ Auckland Airport ... it was extremely busy @ 6:30am ... it took a very long time to get thru customs. Once we got to the ground transportation area ... there was supposed to be a Gate 1 person waiting to take us to our hotel. We hung around here about 2 hrs looking and inquiring about Gate 1 driver. My cell phone does not work in NZ. Was going to use the pay phone, as I had a loaded phone card, but it required credit card to be inserted. I declined as I had no clue what amount they were going to charge my credit card. Was about to purchase a temporary cell phone, when all of a sudden a person holding a Gate 1 sign appeared. We approached him and explained we had been waiting some 2 hours for him, only to find out he was there to pick up 2 different passengers. However, he did agreed to take us to our hotel. The Gate 1 drivers had NO LIST of names of the people they were to pick up and transport. If they did, they would have known we were MIA! We had previously traveled with Gate 1 and it was a quite favorable and memorable trip! I can't say the same for this trip. The country is very scenic and the people very nice and friendly. The tour manager Kevin, even with his bad jokes, was good. The numerous cities and towns were rather interesting.However, I didn't realize that when we signed up for this trip ... it would be ONE long boring bus excursion. I'll say we spent an average of 3-4 hrs per day on the bus. Boring!!! Boring!!! We would stop in small little towns for some hurried sightseeing, meals and bathroom breaks. Plus we were advised we COULD NOT use the onboard bus bathroom. Wazup with that??? There is NOTHING mentioned in the Gate 1 travel literature that says this was going to be a very long and boring bus trip. Granted we covered a lot of territory, but I DID NOT intend on a spending 3 to 4 hours per day on a bus!!! This should be pointed out in the Gate 1 Travel literature.

Elena Kholchansky
2020-02-20 12:00:18

Connecting flights when promised straight flights

We had an excellent time on our trip to Portugal because of our trip manager Rui and a bus driver Pedro. Rui did go above and beyond. Local guides were excellent, especially Augusta in Lisbon. I am a travel lover and have traveled a lot. Gate 1 provides a very broad view of the cities. No museums or zoo or aquarium were covered on this trip. But the reason Gate 1 is getting 3 out of 5 stars is because of the flights. We were promised straight flights when we were booking the trip. Initial straight flight to Portugal was switched with connection. Then out return straight flight was switched with connection. Why do I want to fly 20 hours when its 8 hr flight to Europe from USA? Unlikely the flights were booked right away when I payed for the trip.Reply to Gate 1 reply: We booked the deal with direct flights guaranteed as part of the deal, payed in full right away. Direct flights were changed to connecting. Gate 1 didn’t leave up to the promise. Anyway, I do not want to argue. My rating will not change

2020-02-14 06:22:02

Fun People to work with

I have always made friends on their tours. For some reason they get friendly travelers. Was single when I used them. Fun people.

Frank LoCicero
2020-01-13 20:02:52

Went to Israel on the 9 day Believers…

Went to Israel on the 9 day Believers Tour over Christmas. My family and I had a wonderful time and saw so much! We followed all the sites Jesus went to during his birth, ministry, and resurrection. We were even in Bethlehem at the site of Jesus birth on Christmas day. The guide was very good at explaining all the history and keeping us on schedule. The bus was comfortable and the hotels were excellent. Plenty of food at the meals but my 16 yr old was unaccustomed to anything but American food. We however were able to get Domino's pizza delivered while in Jerusalem.

Chuck Prince
2020-01-03 19:02:05

Had a great time

Hey everyone just a few comments on the great 15 day trip tp see Ecuador. The trip included the lowlands, the Amazon basin, Galapagos the highlands of the interior. The added feature was the great tour manager Eduardo Borja who made this trip even better. Now this trip is not for everyone if you are the couch monkey or the once around the block with your dog this trip is not for you. This trip is very active with a walking day averaging 7 to 10 miles a day mostly up hill it seems. Now you add the temps in the high 80s, the humidity in the high 80s and the thin air in the interior it this trip can wear you down. The upside is the variety of what you will see and the first rate hotels that have been picked for the tour. The staff, meals and rooms were great with some coming with pools at their location. The one problem is you are only in most of them for a night and if you stay longer your days are taken up with tours.As already mentioned this is an active trip an example is going to the Galapagos, there are approx. 11 different transfers just getting there so be prepared. Now as mentioned this was a great trip but there are a couple of points.1) Watch out for Altitude Sickness this is very real and I came down with it bad.2) Drink lots of water3) Sun Tan lotion and bug spray.4) A Good Hat.5) A small flash light to use on you Amazon night walk.As mentioned this a very active tour and I can be the example of losing 15 lbs. on this trip due to the walking and heat. So have fun and enjoy see if you can pack a little less due to all the transfers. CWP

2019-12-31 23:03:43

Great Tours at Great Prices

We've done four trips with Gate 1, to far-flung destinations. They've all been great. There are always a few irresponsible, immature whiners who blame any bad experience on somebody else's incompetence instead of their own.

Walt Bochenek
2019-12-31 02:27:39

Gate 1 has treated us great.

Gate 1 has treated us great. Two years ago, I had to change flights two or three times, and although on the last time they warned me there would be a change fee and I agreed, they didn’t charge me. Also, when I found they had a better deal on a trip we had booked, they switched it easily, and we got a slightly longer trip at a lower price. We also find that their trip insurance cost is very good – only company in which I’ll take THEIRS rather than getting my own elsewhere. Finally, when I had a trip insurance claim, they were very helpful. They have high integrity, and their prices are very reasonable.

2019-12-24 23:04:00

Great Rhine River Cruise

Went on a Rhine River Cruise with Gate 1. The staff is wonderful. I really enjoyed myself.

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