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Menards Reviews

Linda Grams
2020-05-18 17:50:33

Thank you so much for forcing me to…

Thank you so much for forcing me to wear a mask while shopping at one of your stores. There is nothing better than breathing in the carbon dioxide that I’m supposed to be exhaling, not inhaling! And the germs I breathed in from the moisture that collected under the mask! Gross!By the time we left the store, I was weak, light-headed and nauseous.I have COPD and asthma..both well controlled. But since the visit to your store I’ve had to use my rescue inhaler and nebulizer.And if you’re going to force your employees to wear a mask, could you please instruct them that they should be clean!!We were at the Baraboo, WI store yesterday and an employee was wearing a mask that was filthy!!No need to worry if we’ll be back, we won’t! But you’ve done a good job with the employees who insist that a customer wear a mask. They are like the gestapo!

Cheryl Richard
2020-05-18 12:39:18

i really appreciate that the store…

i really appreciate that the store mandates facial coverings. i am at high risk and if people dont care about their own health think about those of us that are afraid of catching it and dying. again, great job. i will be back.

Bryon Campbell
2020-05-18 03:09:41

Thanks for Freedom to all Menards.

The only reason I ordered a Craftsman washer pressure from Menards is they believe in freedom of everyone. I am all about freedom but I was taught in school that the US constitution does let one freedom take another freedom away. Can not say fire in a movie treater. One has the RIGHT TO LIVE IN PEACE or not have their live treating. It took decades for people had the freedom to not get second hand smoke in public places - you think people would learn by now and have respect for all. Thanks Menards for making everyone to wear mask in your stores.

Lisa Bongers
2020-05-11 16:35:39

At the Columbus NE location Don Rood…

At the Columbus NE location Don Rood helped my husband and son pick up a huge order of mulch. There was a mix up and Don was very persistent to remedy the order. He was great. He went above and beyond customer service. Thank You Don!

Brian Duncan
2020-05-07 01:23:17

This is a great place but since they…

This is a great place but since they implemented the ' everyone to wear a mask' rule? The customers including myself have wore masks. Most correctly. Some not. Employees?? Most had them on at their necks or tried to make it look like they were -just enough to cover the bottom lip. Masks are to be worn over nose. Not over the eyes, either, so you can look like a thug. Like walmart employees are doung. They will try and correct you on your usage and say you didnt have one- i actually wear n-95. One guy kept coming back and looking at me - he had a piece of cloth tied to his face like he was in the old west

Kat G
2020-05-03 20:07:43

I commend your store for protecting…

I commend your store for protecting people from other people by requiring masks. Your store, your rules and I can respect that. Also convenient you offer them for only $1.00 . Now if people would just keep them on inside the store, it would be great. My husband and I witnessed a biker that gave the girls at entrance enforcing this mask wearing a very hard time. We thought he acted like a total A--. It was their job, and this guy thought he should be the exception? He finally gave in, and then roamed the store with it below his blow hard breathing apparatus anyway. Grow up! Don't like it, wait outside or go home. I appreciate the extra work it must take to keep your customers safe. With that in mind, I do question the way you make people enter only on one end and exit only on the other. You of course are not the only store doing this. I guess I kind of get why you are routing people this way, but the fact that people are having to walk all the way through the store just to shop at one end, kind of defeats the purpose of trying your best to stay out of the public. My specific reasoning is this: I went simply to go to the outdoor garden area and really did not want to enter the store, yet had to walk through it to get there as you have no direct entrance to garden center. I again had to enter store to check out because there is no cashier set up outside, which I feel you should have at least one, especially under these circumstances, and it is easy enough to do.

James McCurrie
2020-04-28 18:31:31

Good job to Menards for protecting…

Good job to Menards for protecting everyone and their employees.I won't go into other businesses that don't protect her employees and everyone else.

jeff babcock
2020-03-29 22:52:33

great pricing plus 11% discount

Dee Restus
2020-03-26 14:35:26

I've always liked Menards and we shop…

I've always liked Menards and we shop there a LOT! But yesterday's trip really disappointed me. I went in to get 12 sheets of 4x8 paneling and found a helpful worker to take them down from a high shelf and put them on my cart. I managed to roll it up to the check-out and pay, then asked for someone to load it onto my truck for me. They gladly called for a worker to do just that. Meanwhile I texted my disabled husband to drive our truck to the front loading area. I wheeled the cart out front and waited. This twenty-something guy came out as I opened the back of the truck and bed-topper. He grabbed one end of a panel, then looked at me and said "You want to grab a side?" Now I'm a 66-year-old, gray-haired, arthritic woman. But he made it obvious he wasn't going to lift one sheet of paneling all by himself. Not wanting to make a scene, I helped him load all 12 sheets and I'm still paying for it with a lot of pain today. If Menards' loaders can't lift items without the help of their elderly customers, they should maybe be employed flipping burgers?

2020-01-22 02:04:20

I buy a lot of stuff from Menards

I buy a lot of stuff from Menards. The people are always helpful and they have great prices on tools. I find their Performax and Masterforce branded tools are good for the money and perfect for someone like me who would break a super cheap Tool Shop (sold at menards) or Harbor Freight power tool quickly but isnt in it enough to need an expensive high end tool. Menards has higher end tools as well. I do have some Tool Shop branded tools for stuff I do not use much and they work fine too.

Wonetta Miller
2020-01-20 22:22:19

I like going to Menards

I like going to Menards. Great Customer service. Great selection of merchandise compare to others.

2020-01-14 13:29:17

I have had a few issues with Menards…

I have had a few issues with Menards but when I contacted them they always made things right.

Shane and Laurie Brown
2020-01-09 03:04:43

OSB and customer service

I had purchased a bunch of osb sheets from Lowes store and was very unimpressed with them. They were stored on 2-arm racks allowing the entire bundles to warp and bow. Furthermore, they offered no help loading even though there were 3 employees talking to each other 30 feet away.. Today I purchased osb sheets from Menards. Wow! They were stored in a well-supported fashion and perfectly flat. Furthermore an employee saw me from 60 to 70 feet away and immediately came to help load. Same price both places but MUCH better quality and customer service from Menards. Great job!!

Cindy L
2019-11-29 13:50:13

Davison store

Davison store. Black Friday 2019. Very well organized. LOTS of staff that were helpful, knowledgeable, and VERY pleasant.

Marianne Kelly
2019-11-10 18:55:05

Paulina takes pride in her work!!

Shopped Menards Vernon Hills, Il.on a recent Sunday morning. Needed furnace filters. Saw an employee near by and asked where I could find these filters. Employee Paulina C. gave me directions to go upstairs. Not wanting to go that far, I said, “maybe next visit”. At that point Paulina C. offered to get them for me. Extremely helpful as I am a 75 yr. old senior. Paulina got them and brought the exact filters to me that I described. Exceptional customer service. Above and beyond. Paulina C. a high asset to Menards.

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