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Petplan Reviews

2020-03-03 18:19:28

Love Petplan

Love Petplan. They saved my pet, and my wallet!

Charon Cooper
2020-03-01 10:39:42

At a time which was very stressful for…

At a time which was very stressful for me and my young dog Zende, petplan was there to help, they have been so supportive.I would highly recommend them, when choosing my insurance I researched for the best I could find and so happy with my choice. Zende still has a way to go and I am hoping he will be okay, none of us now when things like this could happen, such a shock, Zende has M.U.A.Big thank you Petplan

2020-02-25 19:43:11

It's so easy

It's very easy I just complete a claim form at the vets and that's it. I get emails to advise me about my claim and it's progress. So I know it's being taken care of.

C. Hanson
2020-01-19 22:07:43

12 yr. loyal customer of PetPlan...

I've been with PetPlan for almost 12 yrs. I understand the increase in rates due to age, but this last increase was ridiculous. I've always had the policy of $100 deductible per condition (because when I signed up 12 yrs. ago they did not have annual deductibles), 90% down to 80% reimbursement. And PetPlan has paid almost all of Molly's claims. Molly is 14 yrs. old now. Last year my monthly rates were $218. I got my renewal letter today and my rates doubled and are now $422 a month. When I called to see if this was right, I was told that the rates went up because of Molly's age and because they no longer offer the $100 deductible to new clients...the deductible was raised to $250. Even if I took the $750 annual deduction, my rate would be $432. I'm sincerely hoping my rates did not go up because of her medical conditions, but at this point I'm not sure. Molly is my heart and at this point I feel PetPlan is making me choose between their renewal policy or Molly.

Max Schaffer
2019-12-05 17:22:01

Petplan insurance has never refused a…

Petplan insurance has never refused a claim or made me fight to get reimbursed for necessary pet care. Without Petplan I honestly don’t know if I could afford to care for my English Mastiff Bartleby. He has allergies and a joint issues. I would recommend getting Petplan as soon as you get a new furry family member.

Courtney Young
2019-12-02 20:08:20

Petplan Pet Insurance

Fantastic pet plan Insurance. Covers all of my little guy’s needs. So easy and fast to submit a claim, and cheque arrived quickly. If you call, staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!!

Andrew B
2019-11-16 17:00:08

First Class Service and excellent value

Two claims have been made since May this year for complimentary treatment and an expensive operation 5 weeks ago for to repair a ligament. Petplan have been first class with all the claims and kept us advised at every stage. They are good value for money and give a first class service. They are much better than the well known high street company we were with before.

Wellington Ferro
2019-11-10 01:14:45

Petplan helps you to choose the best treatment

It would be impossible to treat my cat without Petplan. Being less than 1 year old she developed some eyes and dental problems that needed immediate treatment and successive surgeries. Petplan made it easy to choose the best path available in order to help my beloved kitten

2019-11-05 23:02:58

Petplan Gives you Peace of Mind

We have been with Petplan since about 2013 and have made several claims through the years for our Boxers. Our most recent claim was for our Boxer Charlie. He started to have seizures out of the blue and needless to say we were terrified and heart broken to see him suffer. He was only 5 years old and SO full of life. Long story short he had something called insulinoma or a tumor on his pancreas. Because we had insurance it made the decision easy to pursue all the testing required to find the cause then the decision to pursue surgery. The surgery was an absolute success and every day I look into his sweet loving eyes I know we made the right decision. Our insurance policy through Petplan made this whole ordeal manageable and it gave us such peace of mind. The claim process is simple and whenever you called or emailed they ALWAYS ask how your pet is doing and they are totally sincere and genuine. I tell this to anyone with a pet - Get pet insurance! It is worth every single penny you pay in premiums to know that when you need to use it - it's there. I highly recommend Petplan!

Lil Su
2019-11-04 22:49:19

We had never had a *big* pet before

We had never had a *big* pet before. But even the small ones we took to the vet and those bills sometimes made us have to make hard decisions. When we got our cat; we talked and talked and talked about whether or not to get insurance. I talked to co-workers and friends, and the vet office. Most of what I heard is - "it's completely up to you", which didn't help. Finally, after 2 months of debating and trying to figure out what company - we went with Pet Plan. We are all so glad we did! See, our cat was young, and healthy...and insurance is a tough decision - banking on a future that nobody can foresee. Well, 2 months after we insured our cat; she started having big issues. We tried to handle it on our own; but then decided to take her to the vet. The vet wanted to do some tests - blood work and other tests to try and figure out what was going on because no - it was not "normal". Because we had Pet Plan - I didn't even hesitate - I immediately said "YES!" because I knew that we had the support of Pet Plan. The news was not good - she had been diagnosed with one of 2 cat diseases that are 100% fatal and there is no treatment or cure. We were devastated!!! She is such a sweet and loving cat. The vet wanted to send her to an animal hospital to see an Internal Medicine Specialist and because of Pet Plan - we could without fear of "can we afford this?" The Animal Hospital agreed with the diagnosis; but did say there are experimental treatment options if we were willing and/or financially able to try. Again - because of the support of Pet Plan and how quickly they get back to us - we jumped in! I am happy to report that she is alive and seems to be doing well. For a cat with a disease with no treatment and 100% death rate - that is phenomenal. I am eager to find out how her blood tests will be after her first month on the medication. Pet Plan made it possible for us to focus on our cat's health; not the paperwork or the bills. She is a member of our family and deserves our full attention just like Aunt Judy does.

Fine_ apple
2019-10-25 20:56:33

Petplan has been a lifesaver!

Our dog Ruthie has had problems since she was just a few month old. She has been in and out of the hospital. She has had to have multiple x rays, seen a neurologist, undergone an MRI, and been on pretty expensive medicine for almost a year now. We are so thankful for Petplan. They have been there the whole way with the treatments for Ruthie. It has always been a very easy process and they pay right away no extra questions asked. I am forever grateful for Petplan, without them we would be in a huge amount of debt. Now we can care for our dog and not have any added stress worrying about how we can afford it!

2019-10-23 00:42:37

I’m so glad I signed up for Petplan Pet…

I’m so glad I signed up for Petplan Pet insurance for my dog Kimber. Not even four years old, she needed surgery to remove multiple lumps from her back and legs. One thing I didn’t need to worry about was how I was going to be able to afford her surgery. Within days of submitting my claim, a check was in the mail. The claim submission process was quick and easy. Worth every penny!

Aksana Asipenka
2019-10-18 17:16:01

Petplan is the best

Petplan is the best! Very affordable, easy to use, great service.

Atousa Monjazeb
2019-10-17 18:47:42

The best insurance out there

The best insurance out there. I was not a fan of pet insurance but am soooo glad I did this. They did everything that was promised and helped us get our dog through his surgery.

dave pedde
2019-10-02 15:01:43

So far so good

I’ve been with pet plan for almost a year. My pup is prone to several health conditions and sees the vet a fair bit. I have always received my reimbursement quickly and with minimal hassle.

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