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Oculus VR Reviews

Olly Head
2020-05-06 19:52:39

Loving my VR headset!

Bought the Oculus Rift S, package came earlier than expected and in great condition, absolutely loving using this VR headset and been using it everyday for around 2 hours and not getting any performance defects, i have seen other reviews talking about poor customer service but i have not had any issues with them so far.

Shaun Cheetham
2020-04-27 09:46:09

The customer care from their support…

The customer care from their support was the best i have received, always polite and do their best to assist me with the issue at hand. Can not fault them in the slightest.

Kristján Andri Kristjánsson
2020-04-08 23:08:18

Controller seam snapped

Controller seam snapped, I contacted the customer service and gave them all the necessary details.I got quick responses from "Jason" and "Lily", both very nice, understanding and gave me a solution.

Preston Pierott
2020-04-07 00:41:56

Replacement in days!

Sorry that others had bad experience. My experience was beyond amazing. Had an issue with dead pixels sent it back and they gave me a brand new one within a few days, even though they are in very short supply and DESPITE THE CORONA VIRUS SET BACKS! The whole experience was so good I googled where I could send a review and here I am lol

John D
2020-02-06 19:55:00

Occulus Go, good value introduction to VR.

Bought an Occulus Go couple of days ago.Had a few issues pairing it with phone initially but got it going.E mailed support team who responded within 36 hrs (ok) but I closed support ticket as got the GO working fine myself.For the price I would recommend product.I think it's a taster/introductory product to show just where VR standalone headsets will be in a few years.Lots of free stuff to download and the Apps and games you pay for are cheap.Great fun,easy to use when setup.Screen resolution a little lacking ,but hey,what do you want for £140 !

2020-02-02 15:12:39

good customer support

I had little experience with them but their customer support was friendly and went out of their way to try and help me out to get me what was fair.

2020-01-28 12:54:04

I bought the Oculus Quest about a month…

I bought the Oculus Quest about a month ago, and it still works perfectly and I love playing on it and showing my friends and family who always get impressed by the quality. Its such an amazing headset and I love that you feel so free while playing because there is no cable attached to you all the time :-)But one problem is that you need batterieres for your controlles so it can be a bit expensive unless you have rechargeable ones. Else its amazing.

Philip L Poulsen
2020-01-17 14:29:25

Link Cable works great

Bought the Oculus Link cable off of the site. It said it would be shipped pn January 21 on the store page, but I just received the cable a few days after ordering, so a positive surprise. The cable is excellent both in quality and length. I’ve been using a much shorter cable I bought at a local store, and although everything worked alright, it doesn’t compare to this cable, which feels much lighter as well. An expensive purchase for sure, but I feel like I got my money’s worth.

Maori Guy
2020-01-16 00:00:37

Firstly the Oculus Quest is an amazing…

Firstly the Oculus Quest is an amazing piece of technology that allows for an untethered offline VR experience. It also lowers the price point for the entry into VR technology. Having owned some of the original flagship VR devices and paying ridiculous amounts for the systems to run VR this standalone unit is a great buy. However VR is still in a transitional phase with strong roots still in the enthusiasts market. By that I mean if you are expecting a spoon fed experience that meets all your VR expectations... (insert evil laugh). Developers are still finding their feet as the tech is literally moving faster than experiences can be developed. So Yes there are many fragile experience being marketed and often by small developers. The quest is amazing but not without many limitations. Its not powered by a expensive graphics card or boasting high spec visuals. but it does very well for what it does have under the hood.I personally find many of the other reviews hilarious as they are lowering their rating because it didn't meet their expectations when the user obviously didn't know what they were buying or had little understanding of the limitations of VR and the current state of the VR gaming market. I highly recommend the Oculus Quest, but learn what it is and what it isn't, before handing over your cash. Its not perfect or high end VR. But it is immersive and sweet at its price point.

Andrew Pinfold
2020-01-12 05:42:24

Oculus Quest Review

I brought an Oculus Quest through their website due to positive videos and reviews. Having never tried VR before this was the highest recommended headset available to me for the price so I made the leap. I had no idea the resolution was so low sometimes it is hard to get immersed and it hurts my eyes. The games are also so expensive with little to no sales and very little cross buy games, the currency is also USD which they didn't warn me before buying games. It is pretty uncomfortable to wear as well, I have been all over the Internet and tried everything to make it better but its still very noticeable and annoying. I have rated 3 stars because besides all its flaws it has moments of being good but I am slightly regretting my purchase.

2020-01-03 21:57:49

I have just bought a set of Oculus…

I have just bought a set of Oculus Quest over oculus.comOddly enough, I never recieved an email about it, and the only way I got my tracking number, was thru their online chat support. The chat support it easy, and competent - love that UX!The harware is mindblowingly cool - the way to set up your play arena is just simple, intuitive and works like a charm! I love the games I have bought until now (a bit expensive, but the feeling is awesome!)The only downside I have felt until now is that they use UPS for delivery - which is perhaps just the friggin worst delivery company on the entire planet!I had taken the day off to make sure the delivery didn't fail (it was a christmas gift). UPS screwed it (claiming I wasn't home, without ever having been here to check!), so my 45€ travelbag ended up staying over Christmas in a closed package shop, and was returned to the shop afterwards, so I now have to order it once again!

Tobias Brandt
2019-12-19 05:03:32

Everything is nice

Nice support, Nice proces, Nice delivering time

Heather Lynn Wiese
2019-11-20 11:54:55

Great system, not so great customer service/ tech support

The oculus itself is great. We bought the pc powered oculus with the touch controllers when the bundle first came out a few years ago. The cord needed to be replaced last year for like $50. The face padding is pretty worn down, so we need to replace that. One of the earphones stopped working because of a wire in the headstrap. Can't fix that rn, but we just use different headphones. Not too bad for just about 3 years and 3 kids using it religiously. We're gonna get as much life out of it as we can before getting a new one.My problem is with customer service. They are never helpful. Either they can't help or take too long to respond. We tried to purchase a preorder game and it took the money from my PayPal account, but said purchase failed on the oculus app. I got on chat with them and they could see I didn't get the item. So I opened a paypal dispute and contacted them again with the paypal case number asking them to please respond to the paypal case and agree I never recieved the download. They said they would let the "higher ups" know. It's been over a week now and they still haven't responded. I guess there was a bug in the game that caused this problem with multiple customers. I'm sure there's multiple PayPal cases. How hard would it be to just respond to them and let people get their refunds?

Glenn Ratcliffe
2019-09-30 00:39:14

I've owned the oculus quest for about…

I've owned the oculus quest for about 6months. Great product that performs well past what I expected. Love that it's portable and cable free (6dof).The games are pretty cool & mostly good value too. Now with hand tracking coming next year, the sh¡t really is going to hit the fan, can't wait.My advice, do buy this.

Drew Mortenson
2019-08-31 00:21:22

They have a history of bad customer reviews, BUT!!!!!

They have a history of bad customer support, including poor communication (taking ages to reply/ being unhelpful). Recently my rift cv2 broke on the headset strap to the viewing part. 2 months over warranty. The guy who opened my support ticket talked to his uppers and got it worked out as he deemed it a manufacturing failure and that it shouldn't have broken.I feel like a lot of people aren't helpful towards support teams. I provided them with 3 pictures on request, as well as a detailed report of how it happened, and my impression of what had caused it. Even being honest that it was likely broken from being tapped while playing gorn. (for clarification it actually broke when i set it down one time and it kinda flopped)

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