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ThredUP Reviews

CandiCE Ok
2020-05-18 17:48:30

All their items seem outdated

All their items seem outdated, and too expensive for "no name" brands.

Micela P.
2020-05-14 12:49:59

I don't understand all the bad reviews

I don't understand all the bad reviews! I have never sold clothing to them though. However the things I have purchased are in excellent condition and I got them at great prices. I would highly recommend shopping at thredUP.

Barbara Checknoff
2020-05-04 12:50:35

I don't get all the hating about…

I don't get all the hating about ThredUP. I have never tried to sell clothes on the site but I've bought a ton of stuff recently, after a big weight loss. Pretty much all of my clothes are thrift shop. I usually stick to the outlet stuff so it's not returnable, but the prices are so cheap I don't worry if I don't like something. Everything I've gotten has been in great condition. One beautiful top was missing buttons, but the description did say "missing accessory" One skirt was too small and I didn't love two tops but everything else was perfect! If you love thrift shop buying, Thredup is a lot of fun.

Jesinta Jesinta
2020-05-04 00:50:45

I spend two days gathering my items to…

Update: I was contacted by customer service and they resolved the issue, for some reason my account was not allowing purchases but has since been resolved. I appreciate that I can now make purchases. I have increased my stars from one to four now as I do think they have great items. I spend two days gathering my items to purchase and my family choose their items on they’re account. We spent around $1700 CAD I wake up to an email that announces without any reason whatsoever that all our orders have been cancelled. Then I try to call them but of course you cannnot reach them by phone or email since the chat is not open at all hours and it takes an hour to get a hold of anyone anyways. I emailed them asking for an explanation. They told me because I had two accounts paying with the same credit card then the accounts had to be merged. Despite the fact that one was shipping within the US and the other within Canada! Basically they didn’t want my sisters to receive a discount because they don’t have their own credit card I lend them mine. Whatever. They were rude about this. I asked them to at least keep the items saved in the cart so we could all repurchase them, once we receive the refund, but they said that wasn’t possible. Why not??? All the items were still listed as SOLD even though I’m waiting on the refund on my cancelled order. So I ask them when the items will be available again as we want to reserve them in our cart, no answer. Ignorance. So I keep checking everyday turns out it takes almost a week to become available again. Today I went on my normal account and made a small purchase a pair of sunglasses I adore and a jacket I love. Guess what happens? Five minutes later I receive an email saying my order was cancelled! Why?!?! I thought this was all sorted out. Why is purchasing on thredUp so difficult? I don’t recommend this place at all and I’ll be making a YouTube review that completely details this entire experience it’s ridiculous. My order number was #23909484If anyone can simply just put the order through please, thanks.

2020-04-30 00:15:23

Great prices

It seems to me that the bad reviews are coming from people who are trying to get rid of their unwanted clothes and expect top dollar for their clothing. As a former Ebay power seller I know it’s very time consuming to list and sell items online- taking photos so the item looks great, posting a description,etc. if you want to make a lot of money on consignment try selling YOURSELF! It requires time and effort. If you want to make a little cash instead of donating an item then send it to this company. Do not expect to get top dollar. That’s not how a thrift store or a pawn shop works. (Anyone ever watched Pawn Stars? They give you much less than the value because they are doing the work) I just found thred Up on the internet recently and have ordered items - and I fully understand that they are not new unless described as such. It seems better than eBay from a buyers perspective. I think that these people giving neg reviews are naive spoiled girls who expect too much.

Rebecca Adler
2020-04-29 21:44:52

5 Stars!

Just received my first package from thredUP and I am so impressed! It was beautifully packaged and honestly pretty fun to open each layer. The shoes I bought were brand new and in perfect condition, even better than the photos on the site! Shipping was fast with excellent communication. I am looking forward to my second package, and will definitely be recommending to friends and family. Thank you to the thredUP team!

2020-04-27 16:30:58

three speeds of business

They are quick in sending your merchandise you bought. They are slow in answering question, including on sizing (nd you need to ask because sizing descriptions are so poor).And they are terribly slow on processing what you send them to sell.

2020-04-23 23:28:09

Five stars for thredup!

As someone that is interested in sustainability, I really love thredup. I have never had a bad experience while purchasing clothes from here - I mean, sometimes things don't fit or look right and you need to send them back but that's anywhere. And while it's true that as a seller, that you don't always make as much as you'd like, I think it's important to keep it in perspective...for very little effort, you get a bit of money back for items that you otherwise would get nothing for, at least not without putting a lot more effort into the process. Of course you could try to sell your items on someplace like ebay to make a bigger profit but you'd also need to set up an account, ideally sell enough items to become a trusted seller so people are willing to purchase from you, take care of packaging and shipping items, etc. It's actually a lot of graft and, for me at least, it's not really worth it unless I'm going to make it into a genuine side hustle for which I have neither the time nor inclination. And I like feeling as if I'm contributing to a conscious community who cares about sustainability and the environment which many of the shoppers on thredup do. Even if an item you send in doesn't sell, Thredup will dispose of it responsibly which is not the case with most other thriftstores (I believe you can have things that aren't sold returned to you but I never bothered so can't say anything about that process.) All in all, I'm a huge fan.

DrSandra Truli
2020-04-19 16:31:54

Thredup was my goto online shopping…

Thredup was my goto online shopping source for designer items. Calvin Klein dresses fit me (US 12) perfectly. I say "ws" because they shifted brands and do not encourage CK items anymore. Boo for me! I ordered the discount deal stuff last time. The blouses all looked pretty online. They were all bizarre cuts and designs in person. I can guess they were returned before b/c they do not really "work" on human bodies. I will not shop sales again. Then I tried the cheap, fun stuff like T-shirts. They were all marked "L" None fit me. They were all tight. Maybe that's why they were cheap! I returned and shopped with my credit. I had a hey-day with accessories, especially nonbranded scarves. Beautiful stuff, very inexpensive. I had a bonanza with high end designer. Fit great. New, like new. Beautiful! You do have to watch. They will have 2 items that look like the same thing and one might be $50 more than the other. I do not buy if their are no measurements. Or if it looks super cute, I expect disappointment and am happy when it is good. I have had amazing luck with shoes 1 time (all 6 pairs fit) and another time 0 pairs fit. Still, so affordable, I do not care. I enjoy thredup. Just wish they continued to market my favorite brands and not migrate inventory to brands that I do not know if they fit me!!!

sonya alex
2020-04-17 03:15:48


I have made about 8 orders and purchased about 40 items from ThredUp, from both the ThredUp app and their eBay store. Both shopping experiences were great. Every item I received was NWT or in excellent condition as described. I also took a chance and bought an item described as showing minor wear, and when I got it,it looked new. This is now my favourite store. Will definitely purchase from them again

Anna G
2020-04-06 19:59:04


Found so many good deals on this app!

Heidi Berry
2020-04-06 16:20:29

I have purchase a fair amount of…

I have purchased a fair amount of clothes from Thredup. Overall my experience has been good. However, I have had several items with holes, and or damage. I also ordered a pair of size 18 pants and they ended up being a child size 18 and not a women's. Obviously I was unable to tell this was a child-size by the photo. I really do not want to mess with the $1.99 restocking fee, though it does say that if the merchandise is damaged or not as described they may waive the fee. Also, I have read reviews that if you consign with them they are extremely unfair with their compensation back to you if you send them a cleanout bag. Since they have had so many unfavorable reviews, this is something that I will not be participating in. I have a lot of gently used cloths but would rather get the tax write off with is substantially more than the money that they offer.

Mary Potts
2020-03-26 17:20:04

I love the majority of the items I …

I love the majority of the items I have ordered, but there were a couple items I was not overly happy with and felt they should not have been included on siteStill overall content with this company

Naomi Sayeed
2020-03-26 00:08:57

Love the organization and variety of…

Love the organization and variety of options. Very easy to shop.

Kare Bear
2020-03-08 07:38:40

I NEVER buy online

I NEVER buy online, ever. But I'm extremely tall and thin. 5'11" 125 lbs, yay, genetics! But I recently went to a Kohl's store and asked an associate where to find long length jeans. I was told to buy online, no longer sold "in-store", but if I do it while hooked up to their WiFi I'd get free shipping! Am I the only one that finds that stupid? I bought at half the price including shipping and thanks to the amazing description, my jeans fit great! Inspired the sandels I also bought here, also amazing! Read the description and you'll never have to return!

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