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TracFone Reviews

Klohe james
2020-05-16 15:13:50

Scott is absolutely the best

Scott is absolutely the best I see people complaining about one thing or the other.... I highly recommend Scott.... He helped me a lot..... all my phone was found..... Fees affordable... You won't regret working with him.... Email him today Contact him via email S. C. O. T. T. H. A. C. K. E. R. [email protected] G. M. A. I. L. C. O. M

2020-05-11 16:45:25

I really recommended him as good and…

I really recommended him as good and honest man Patrick for helping to spy into my wife divice

Rustic Nenny
2020-05-11 16:38:40

I would like to know why TracFone hires…

I would like to know why TracFone hires people who can't speak English.

Hugo Sandoval
2020-03-26 04:16:31

Ive actually had pretty good service…

Ive actually had pretty good service with tracphone. Rates are good and no dropped calls. i will definitly recommend to family.

Benjamin Bubb
2020-02-07 04:38:20

Selling used phones as new, no return policies!

Usually I like your service, but when I ordered a phone direct from TracFone on your Amazon store, and it arrived appearing used, and the battery drains way too fast...might be defective... I didn't like it either; but, I couldn't return it because I activated it and used some included bonus airtime. Nowhere in your Amazon return policy do you mention this, so how was I to know? So now it cannot be returned to you for a refund whatsoever. So basically, I am now I'm stuck with a phone I do not want to have. I highly recommend that you specify and are more transparent in your return policy on Amazon Marketplace store, including any other place you sell Tracfones, about what can and cannot be returned based on specific conditions. Feels like I wasted a lot of money, not happy about that. Bad!!

Mary G.
2020-01-04 22:23:36

I've had good service so far

I've had good service and customer service from this company. I've had to deal with their customer service for three issues (starting service, changing a credit card on file for autopay, and changing service to a new phone). Every time, the wait was short (two on phone, one by chat) and the issue was handled without problem. I use their Verizon service on an unlocked phone. Everything rolls over from month to month, so if you're a light user, it's a good deal. There may be better deals if you use a lot of data. The Verizon service has worked well with good coverage, and the basic features work.

Mr Loco420
2019-12-04 03:07:06

Cheap, reliable & fits me just right.

I am rural & use the phone very little.This is the cheapest & most reliable service i could find.My Android phone looks & works good.The website is easy to use. The AutoPay discount helps.I have not had any issues i can remember in years.

Cody Pomeroy
2019-11-03 09:44:58

Tracfone is cheap and affordable plan

I once have bought a Tracfone prepaid phone, a basic phone and I purchased $100 for one year plan. Cheap and affordable plan which fit me well because I am on fixed income. All during one year of use from spring of 2015 to 2016. I never have any issues other than dropped signal once in while back and forth.

Elizabeth Emerson
2019-05-20 11:56:17

I have had TracFone for years and great service .

I have had TracFone for years and renew service 4 times a year. Never had a more simple transaction.

Twice Bitten
2019-02-26 09:36:53

Just got a Tracfone Galaxy J3 Orbit off…

Just got a Tracfone SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 Orbit off of Amazon for $59....added the one year 1500 Minute plan from site for $125 plus a auto-enroll option that cut that down a few bucks more. The phone didn't activate properly online and customer service (his name was Rexon located in the Philippines) was knowledgeable and got my telephone activated quickly -actually within 10 minutes to be exact. I report good service when I get it. I am happy to avoid the competition's $50/month or more cell phone company trap and the only lost star here is the fact that the Tracfone APP requires a small amount of paid-for network data bandwidth to report available minutes and resources back to the me in real time. Up to this point I have upgraded to a decent and inexpensive Smartphone and this service has my name on it works far.

mark tarson
2018-05-04 22:16:07

I have used TF for a decade now

I have used TF for a decade now. Pricing is the best I have used support many times and generally they have been helpful and knowledgable. Only once out of many times was I given the wrong answer. The BYOP program enables you to get a sale price on a good phone and get their economical service.

Luke Young
2016-05-29 19:50:08

Very similar service of major providers, spotty customer service

I have been a member of Tracfone for about five years now. I began with a crappy flip phone and now have a rather current smart phone LG Power complete with Android.In my experience, when saving money, you should become familiar with the tradeoffs. Yes, you can save a lot of money, and yes you can still have great service, but there are sacrifices to be made.First, Tracfone phones are linked to the service provider. Verizon phones are listed as CDMA, while AT&T phones are listed as GSM. You can even bring your own phone now and get the sameish service as before.Second, you will not be getting the same exact service. The smart phones that many will currently want do not roam. You are stuck with Verizon only, if you have a Verizon phone.Third, you will purchase your minutes in plans and will have to juggle two major components: minutes vs. contract. You have to keep your phone under contract (time) as well as ensuring you have minutes so you can talk/txt. How you use your phone will dictate which will be the cumbersome part of it all. For my wife, who talks more than I do, she has lots of contract time (time comes with virtually all minutes plans), while I am very meticulous about using my minutes and I have to buy more contract time cards than minutes most of the time.Fourth: I have had great success with their customer service, and also great annoyances. I always purchased my phones in twos: one for me and one for the wife. When I transfered my wife's minutes and contract time from her flip phone to her smart phone, I was told by a rep that she would only get half her minutes transfered. When I transfered my exact same flip phone to the exact same smart phone (the very next day, no less), I received ALL of my minutes and of course all of my contract time. It's that reason that I deducted a star. This sort of spotty service is something I have seen happen to friends and relatives who use Tracfone. My experience, like many of them, has been almost all positive.

Bob Tuttle
2015-01-06 19:00:19

More Phone For Much Less

Having been with Verizon for > 10 years, we realized that we were paying way to much for services we were not using. Since our contract with Verizon was almost up, we looked around for a replacement. We found TracFone, and replaced both of our cell phones for pay-per-minute. So far, this is working out great, and has substantially reduced our monthly bill (when amortized over a 1 year period)($170/mon. for Verizon - $20/mon for TracFone).

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