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Udemy Reviews

2020-05-15 12:59:49

The prices are quite reasonable and I…

The prices are quite reasonable and I definitely recommend.

2020-05-11 15:48:57

Thoroughly enjoyed my course on…Metacognition

Thoroughly enjoyed my course on Metacognition, excellent pace, loads of resources given and now I able to use this with my students. Thank you

Adriana Jenson
2020-05-10 23:50:51

I'm surprised by the overall negative…

I'm surprised by the overall negative reviews, but after reading many individual ones, it seems some people either 1) Didn't take the time to learn or understand the platform, the return policy, etc, 2) Seem to expect a formal college type class for $10-$15, or 3) Were unhappy with a course and instead of rate the course in Udemy, they decided to blame Udemy as a whole. Udemy simply provides the platform for everyday people to house and sell their courses. Keeping in mind that we're often learning from average people with the skills or knowledge we want, I'm extremely happy with the Udemy platform. They often have sales, where we can get courses for $10-$15. (As long as the content creators participate in the sales. Those who don't usually get far less sales, so boo on them.) Keeping that in mind, the courses often exceed my expectations, and I feel I get more value than what I pay. That said, I would not buy courses that aren't on sale because they have sales at least once a month. I've gotten a couple of crap courses before, and like most others do, I give honest feedback and request a refund within the 30 day money back guarantee. Then I pay nothing for the crappy course, and the instructor doesn't get my money, pretty simple. Those who obviously rush to put crap on Udemy for a quick buck, they get run off pretty quickly, either from Udemy or due to a ruined reputation. Thanks to the consumers who leave negative reviews on the courses themselves. After all, it's the low quality instructors who deserve the bad rap, not Udemy. If you want a formal education or to be taught by licensed teachers, there's Coursera and many online college campuses. For several thousand dollars, you can get exactly what you're looking for! As for me, I'm happy to learn exactly what I want to learn at the moment, get in and get out for about $13. I've been a regular Udemy consumer for about 4 years now, and I own over a hundred courses. What's nice is you can easily discover who the high quality teachers are and which ones often update their courses. After all, once you purchase a course, you get lifetime access. This is especially important when purchasing something tech related. It makes it nice to pop in a course I've owned for 3 years and get updated content to refresh with. I own many courses because I've found much more quality than crap overall and highly recommend Udemy for those who understand what it's all about.

2020-05-07 18:02:25

Good value for the discounted price

You won’t get the same level of education from a University degree but for the price you shouldn’t expect that. For the £13.99 price I’ve paid for the courses I’ve taken they have been great value for money. I wouldn’t say the courses are worth much more than that price though, so probably wouldn’t pay “full” price for any of them.

Step Zamo
2020-05-06 15:40:07

It is a good tool when you start…

It is a good tool when you start learning programming. Unfortunatelly after you get to certain level of knowledge it comes time you need to start working with real people.

2020-04-30 12:56:14

Good free courses

I have accessed a number of free courses using Udemy and they have been great so far. Granted I probably wouldn't have paid for them as they are little more than a YouTube video and some notes but they have good content considering it's free. Great to keep me busy and up skill whilst off work due to Coronavirus.

SeanP H
2020-04-29 13:43:38

Personally very happy with many of my…

Personally very happy with many of my courses.Wouldnt pay full price, abut at £10-15, really great value for money.They even let me merge two of my accounts together to consolidate my library.Allowed me to return a course whenever I have needed it.A few dud courses (which is why this is a 4, not a 5), but you can always return a course if you do so in a timely manner.

2020-04-28 20:29:56

Interesting courses

I am pretty happy with many of the courses I have taken from Udemy.I have had a few clunkers, but Udemy offers a 30 day happiness guarentee and they refund you straight away when you pay for a class that you are unhappy with.Quibble free refunds.

Daniel Osorio
2020-04-24 18:09:36

It's completely ok on curses

It's completely ok on grades. A lot of information and education that you can absorbe. People are complaining about the system of Udemy, that's quite sad but the learning are totally worth it. 5 stars They deserved it.

Mark Harrison
2020-04-23 03:11:34

What took me so long?

My wife recently purchased a few Udemy courses for my birthday. I so wish I'd checked this out much sooner! All this time wasted. Only downside is i'm now addicted!The 2.7 rating on here is very harsh, but you only have to scroll back a few reviews and see people complain about the course content they signed up for. Feed that back on the course itself within Udemy. Thats not the fault of Udemy. The reviews within udemy are useful to get peoples feelings before you enroll or not.

Mrs Poole
2020-04-20 19:08:10

I enjoyed both the courses I am doing

I enjoyed both the courses I am doing. Great introduction to subject with much more extra information. I bought both courses discounted too. Thank you ... I get to learn new subjects at an affordable cost which I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do.

Cristi S.
2020-04-13 11:54:02

Very cheap courses to help you pass professional certifications and more

Of course, you have to get used first with their promotional model. And NEVER pay for a course, unless it is in promotion, at just $10-$15 US dollars. And they usually have such a window every few days. If not, just create a new user account, from another email...I passed several AWS certifications just in the last month with very cheap courses and practice tests from Udemy. Most of them have a 30-day return policy they honor immediately. I returned once (a while ago) a course I was not happy with, and I got the money back with no problems at all.I'm fully aware many instructor may not be very happy with their commission, as Udemy charges 50%+ for most of their courses. But for student this is a great alternative to 10 times more expensive rip-offs such as Pluralsight or CloudAcademy, to name just two.And don't forget to check their free courses, as many new instructors offer such quality deals when they try to take off. This is value you may get without paying one cent.

Pete Sanders
2020-04-09 14:32:49

I've learnt a lot from Udemy, better than Youtube tuts

Udemy are great, I think I use them more than any other e-learning platform. I've learnt basic Javascript, advanced Python and I'm currently learning Django, all from udemy courses. I always find courses available for topics I need to train in.Not all courses are high quality, but I feel like I've got a knack for telling the pro's from the amateur's. I would like a bit more in the previews before buying, but I believe that's up to the course creators themselves and not the platform itself.Good site, more helpful to go deep and learn something than just using youtube tuts.

Nate Rose
2020-04-08 21:08:36

Slow but Good Customer Support

I have done many courses on udemy, some courses are good and some are bad, that isn't udemys fault. However, I had a recent issue with one of my accounts and I emailed customer support and though it took 3-5 days to get back to me they solved my issue as soon as they replied. The site provides a great service as most of the videos load quite fast and the availability (up time) of the site is great.

Vlad Romuald
2020-04-07 12:35:23

I just want to say that this website is Amazing!

I just want to say that this website is beyond awesome and it serves its purpose of helping people learn at very low prices. So thanks guys and keep up the great work! As for the bad reviews - I read them and I honestly think most of them are either written by the competition or really slow-minded people (hope this is not against the policy to write) - but most comments are because people are lazy, or they don't know how to read or understand basic things.

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