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Wix Reviews

Jammie Anastasia
2020-05-20 04:14:14

I think I’m having a problem with my…

I think I’m having a problem with my ssl cause mainly they’ve been nobody trying to reach me coming through, if you try to reach my domain name you get redirected to another website which isn’t even related to mine, trust me have called countless times to lay complains about this and till now they’ve been no response or whatsoever ever from their support team, and when trying to reach the support team you always get ignored, stay off this dudes they not willing to help you honestly, have migrated my domain name with help from cyber tech support, after we spoke through 12012979269....they migrated me over with ease...

Daniels Angelo
2020-05-19 18:53:13

Wix is great place to buy your first…

Wix is great place to buy your first domain but after a year the price increases by 500%. They will take money from account with an auto renewal system. You also pay for 12 months but really they bill you one month before you contract expires you only get 11. Not good..... I had 20 domains with wix, transferring domains is quite stressful and have been looking for effective ways to help migrate those domains off wix over to a better platform, Cyberconsult firm have been able to migrate me using their advanced tool, we all talked out through 12012979269 and before an hour I had my domains transferred over to a better platform... way too reliable and easy

Wyatt Seungri Baek
2020-05-19 15:58:05

Expensive and limited, but...

Expensive and limited, but the service and website builder is very good. Reccomended to many of my friends. Don't see anything quite bad, except for the price.

David hoan
2020-05-19 00:21:19

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. Got locked out of my account because of a password issue. Talked to five people, very automated they all say exactly the same thing and at the end of the day nothing has been resolved, why should this dudes treat me this way, like they toying with my business and till now no response form any of the support team, I’m done with them and been seeking positive ways to help transfer my domain over to a better registrar and came across reviews about techcyber firm, I had to reach Techcyber 100 through gmail and explained how badly wix have treated me and before an hour they helped migrated my domain name back to Squarespace... still spoke through 12012979269 and they’ve been actually helpful

Denis vemly
2020-05-18 07:26:41

Complete waste of money

Complete waste of money. Support is ULTRA SLOW and just quits the chat after 50 minutes of NOT helping at all.Their imbecile "support agent" Andrey Sokolov just quitted the chat!Impossible to use even though I am no NOOB at IT, mainly the issues I’m having is my website is way too slow to carry out every given details, that’s why have been trying to reach the support team initially to walk me through every given problem I encounter and but they’ve been mite like I said earlier, we’ll I'm now having peace of mind after I migrated from their platform over to weebly after I reached tech firm for support via 12012979269, have migrated my domain name and I’m happy about it, like no regrets STAY AWAY!!

Steve Smith
2020-05-17 12:36:15


Useless! Total rubbish! They take money from people yet you have zero customer support. I have been trying to contact their stupid support team for over a weak to no avail. They call themselves customer success, more like customer failure! Not to mention we took time to build our website on their stupid platform only to find out that they had blocked access from so many countries - WITHOUT INFORMING ANYONE! They keep this information private to steal money from people. and you get no refund! This is theft! Absolute rubbish! I would leave zero stars they was room for that honestly, well have spoke with tech cyber firm considering migrating my website off their platform and immediately I talked them out on 12012979269 they were able to migrate my website and all contents over to a better host before an hour.. I’m thankful I switched over now..

Michelle Jacob
2020-05-16 23:06:32

My website been completely down for…

My website been completely down for close to a month now and have been trying to reach the customer support to help assist me cause when ever they trying to reach me my clients always get redirected to another website, more likely it’s a problem from my ssl and no response from the support team.. it’s really annoying I’d say and I’m done using their platform tbh!!! I migrated my domain off their platform to my weebly website using support from cyber tech firm, we spoke on what-app on 12096904390 and before an hour they helped migrated my domain over with ease..

Jack Daniels
2020-05-16 07:02:56

My domain/email has been broken for 6…

My domain/email has been broken for 6 months now, with so much frustration to get a simple fix in place has been totally stressful. This company is a total shambles of a company. Their support team may as well be run by monkeys or clowns. They fail to acknowledge their own system issues, their own mistakes, they do not respond to support emails or tickets in a timely manner or sometimes not at all.., trust me I’m done using their services and had to migrate my domain name over to a better host using help from positive reviews about techcyber cause immediately I what-app on 12096904390 they were able to help migrate my domain name over to my weebly website before an hour just with the few details provided..

Cynthia Daniels’s
2020-05-16 00:36:13

Very very slow

Very very slow. Takes ages to edit or do any work on the site, I have a very fast internet connection. Best to avoid and go elsewhere to build a website... like have been with wix for close to like 2years now and it’s always been one problem or another, always have to call the support team to walk you trough any given problem like you just can’t upload and edit contents on your website which is been a nightmare to me all through, despite all the time have spent with this dudes this how they get to pay me back, better seek better alternatives if you don’t want to run around like I did at the end of the day.. ways to help migrate my domain name from them got my worried then I was directed to using firm tech and with their support I migrated my domain over to godaddy after we all spoke through 12012979269, I’m really happy now and everything been going smoothly..

Daniella Adams
2020-05-15 08:42:39

Cancelled my subscription

Cancelled my subscription, received an email that they attempted to charge me account. Talked to their support and they said to go through the steps of "Do not renew" for my domain and account. The next day my new card was charged by them!!! Like why on earth do you have to charge my credit card without my permission, have been ignoring this dudes for quite a while now and I can’t continue to cope with them, I’m really tired of using their services and have contacted Techfirm regarding migrating my domain name off their platform.. thankful I did rested them on 12012979269 Cause have migrated my domain name else where already.. stay off this dudes

Blessing Barnard
2020-05-14 10:24:20

Website is down.i can't get any help.

Website is down.i can't get any help.I've emailed them but no reply.It's so important that our website is up and running currently as all on lockdown and customers need to see our anouncements.Please wix will you help me!!! This is making me run out of business and I’m really frustrated at the moment cause little could I make any money at this point around when everything has been inside down, I’m really disappointed using wix and had no choice but to transfer my domain over to my weebly website with support from Techfirm, we spoke through 12012979269 and they helped migrated me before an hour, handled everything with little or no worry..

Jonathan Gilbert
2020-05-12 07:14:08

At first I was thinking it was a…

At first I was thinking it was a problem from my mobile phone after everyone trying to contact my website are been redirected to another website like why on earth do I have to keep going through this mess?? Kept calling the support team and nobody even care about what you pay, wix is such a bad idea and trust me I’m migrating my domain over to my godaddy website cause this is really a problem to my business at the moment, switched my domain name back to godaddy with support from techcyber firm here after reviews about them popped out, reached 12012979269 and they migrated me over..

Mathew toiler
2020-05-11 13:36:19

Our website have been out of air for…

Our website have been out of air for quite a while now and it seems impossible to extend our domain name which we’ve kept calling the customer service to pls walk us through the process but each time we call they seems to be no response from anyone of the support team, have been trying to reach them for quite a while now regarding renewing our domain name and they’ve been no possible means to help us out, so we decided to seek better alternatives and reviews about Techcyber here made everything possible cause with their help after we spoke on 12012979269 we were able to migrate our domain name over from wix to our existing weebly site after we spoke...

Michel Steve
2020-05-09 08:14:11

I angrily migrated from weebly over…

I angrily migrated from weebly over back to wix after all they’ve made me been through like weebly website are so basic and always wants you to manually reset everything, like takes for so long to carry out any given instructions trust me, saw reviews about tech cyber and immediately I spoke with them on 12012979269, they migrated me over to wix before an hour, like I’m so happy using wix now cause they way more reliable and easy to navigate... good customer support and always recommended..

Barry Murphy
2020-05-08 14:43:34

This is the best online web-building platform by a mile

I have to say I have found Wix generally fantastic to deal with. I'm not sure some of the posters here realise the user friendliness and powerful features - particularly the online shop/ecommerce ones - that Wix offer at an incredibly reasonable price. Try using some of the other platforms out there and see how you get on. I have and I guarantee you they won't beat Wix for ease of use or customer support. Speaking of customer support, they have always contacted me with a reply to my query within an hour or two - never more - and it was always something that I had overlooked that had caused the problem in the first place. I find some of the reviews on this site quite shocking actually and in no way representative of the views of any of the Wix users I know. I personally have built over 25 sites, including many ecommerce ones, and I will continue to be a loyal customer of theirs in the future.

FAQs About Wix Coupon Codes That Work

Can I combine Wix's Promo Codes?

No. About the rules for using each Wix Coupon Codes, you can check it on the relevant page of Wix. At the same time, you can also find more different Wix Discount Codes on It is very convenient to check and use Wix Promo Codes at any time.

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Yes, you need. If you don't want to miss every latest news about Wix Promo Codes, or buy the new product of Wix as soon as possible, then register as a member of Wix. You can also obtain more Wix Coupon Codes that are exclusive for members.

How much can I save at Wix?

Wix can save customers money through various special discounts, promotional activities, and full sales. In addition, Wix customers can use various Coupon Codes and Promo Codes in combination to maximize their discounts. On average, customers can save $17 in Wix when buying a single product.

How can I get social with Wix?

Whether it's YouTube or Instagram, Wix will always follow you. On the social media platform, Wix will send some customers' favorite messages and products. Subscribe to Wix social media channels and follow the latest trends. You can also give Wix suggestions to help them do better!

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