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By Malene Birger Reviews

Richard Wingo
2020-05-19 13:27:02

I am surprised by the recent negative…

I am surprised by the recent negative reviews of APMEX. I have been purchasing coins from and selling coins to this company for the past ten years and have never had an issue with the quality of the coins they sell or their customer service. APMEX has always been very responsive to my concerns and they take their customer relationships seriously. There are a number of coin companies that I have dealt with over the years that may deserve the comments I am seeing here, but APMEX isn't one of them.

jeff riddell
2020-03-20 23:44:27

the best company for gold and siver…

the best company for gold and siver online.period

Joseph Delvecchio
2020-03-14 01:27:06


The best selection at competitive prices. Excellent customer service and quick shipping. Started out with US gold bureau and got played. Then I found this gem. Tens of thousands well spent and the best part is they will buy almost any precious metal.

Flint Rickards
2020-03-04 03:21:03

One of the best exchanges out there!

2020-02-25 19:19:07

Price is good

Price is good, service & delivery was excellent.

2020-01-25 03:01:25

Great products and service!

I'm a foreign customer. Although shipping costs are quite expensive for abroad, the service was always excellent. They have lots of product choices and many exclusive items. Every order I made went smoothly. Also, sometimes I have special requests and the team was always helpful.

Seth Gammon
2019-12-30 20:26:45

I have purchased multiple metals from…

I have purchased multiple metals from them on multiple occasions. I received my orders quickly and discretely. Everything arrived as described.

Peter Freeman
2019-12-23 02:09:56

Price is competitive but not the best

Yeah, one of the reputable gold sellers online. But price is competitive but not the best.

Leon The Old Hippy Tucker
2019-10-22 10:48:25

Boo who I want to buy from you !!!!!!!!!!!!

To begin with I'm not bashing Apmex but unfortunately I can't purchase from them . Apmex definitely has the largest & diversified stock of any precious metal site that I've ever visited . It's well put together so it's easy to wade through all of the merchandise put in front of you . I've purchased from them before & Apmex definitely is impressive with the quickness of shipping your order . It really hurts me not being able to buy from them . So what's the problem says the voice in my head . I've got to get that checked out . My major malfunction with Apmex has nothing to do with there stock & the speed of shipping or even the price of the items . The deal breaker for me is the shipping charges . Which is 9.95 ouch it hurts just stating the price . Now I know I can't be the only person who don't want to pay a 10.00 shipping fee . Let's say I bought a ounce of silver for 18.00 which is easy enough to find . Then add the 10 bucks it's costing to ship . Heck more then half the price is just getting it too you ! Now would you want to pay there fee or get more silver -gold in your stack ? Most PM sites charge 5.95 which seems to be the going rate for shipping those beautiful shiny pieces of metal . I know it's part of there profit margin but I'm sure the increase in sales would more then make it up . Apmex really should revisit there shipping policy . So all of us peons can get a slice of the pie . I send them a e-mail 3-4 times a year with my grievances . Not been working very well YET !! Have a blessed day ! Peace , Love & HappinessLeon the Peon Tucker: Better known as Leon The Old Hippy Tucker

Silver Dude
2019-10-06 04:48:04

A very good experience with my first order!

A very good experience with my first order from APMEX. First off, it came very quickly. It was sent out faster then any other company I have purchased silver or gold from. The order was for 4 silver coins and one silver bar. The packaged it very well. I am used to USPS destroying things that are sent to me, so this was nice to see it so well packaged. the silver was first wrapped in a little bubble envelope, then taped to the inside of a small but thick cardboard sleeve box. this double packaging method ensures that the silver doesn't slide around even if it takes a hit, and its away from the corners where hits most often can damage them. 2 of the coins came just in little plastic bags instead of flip. I didn't like that, but at least they where sealed in the plastic which does protect them. The bags are harder to inspect the coins because of the writing on them, but easier to keep them clean the two other coins came in plastic flips, that where then sealed in the little plastic bags. the Bar was in its own sealed plastic that was thick and lets me inspect the silver. 3 of the coins where absolutely perfect when I examined them. the South African Krugerrand has very slight tiny bumps on the outer rim of the front side. it is so slight however that I'm not concerned, and the dots seem to be from the manufacturing at the mint, not from any mishandling by APMEX. The bar was the APMEX brand 1 ounce silver bar. The symbol and writing on the bar seems very nice and clean, however along the outside edge when looking face on to the bar, there was a noticable ridge that went along most but not all of the outside edge. looking edge on it didn't seem that it was a bent edge, so I can only assume its a tiny bit of extra silver. its not too bad, and the writing on the bar is very nice so overall I'm pleased. I will most likely be buying more of there brand bar because I like the look of it, so I will report back if the error is on all the bars or just the first one I bought.Since I had no major issues with the order, I cant really comment on the customer service except that when I asked questions before purchasing, they did respond back to me. I received info from them on a frequent buyers program of some sort, and I will be using that in the future.In all, I am very pleased with my first purchase from this company, and will be making more purchases in the near future of silver, and perhaps some platinum. I hope this review helps anyone interested in this company for buying there silver.

Sergei Sh
2019-09-21 20:40:02

++ huge assortment

++ huge assortment, great speed, all possible mode of payment-- prices are cheap not for all coins, started to charge tax recently

David Kelly
2019-08-03 00:45:02

Order was placed and shipped very fast…

Order was placed and shipped very fast and everything was delivered. I love the precious metals portfolio tool and the user experience when using the APMEX website.

steve haldi
2019-05-17 11:31:33

Funds clear they ship

Funds clear they ship. No nonsense. Tried different dealer delivery took 4 week after funds cleared. Solid quality.

2019-05-11 13:11:21

Always on point

Always on point! Great dealer, no problems!

Tom Reeve
2019-05-07 09:54:45

An ideal American coin dealer for UK Customers!

APMEX really did surprise me with how efficient and high quality its services are - I'm in the UK, and I wanted to order some historical silver coins - these came incredibly fast, and were exactly as APMEX described. If you can look past the minimum order limitation (which isn't as strict as some other US Bullion dealers), you have a solid choice as an alternative to buying domestically.

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Yes, you need. In order to provide By Malene Birger customers with a better purchasing experience and services, By Malene Birger has specially launched several membership benefits, including the exclusive By Malene Birger Promo Codes. To obtain member-specific benefits, you can register as a By Malene Birger member by submitting your email address. Don't worry, Pockit will protect your privacy according to law.

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Since By Malene Birger offers different kinds of special discounts and coupons for each promotional activities, the savings in each order are different. However, according to the data of the past month on, users can save $40 on average per By Malene Birger order!

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