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Sling Reviews

Teri Lynch
2020-04-08 00:13:00



Celeste Wisniewski
2020-04-04 00:27:41

It’s Ok for our TV selections right now…

It’s Ok for our TV selections right now but it is slow and cuts out quite often. We have 200 mbps and it’s just the two of us so it’s not the internet speed, it’s Sling not delivering the shows smoothly. Wish they would correct this. I do like the movie channel choices, I’ve seen movies that I’ve never seen before even on TCM, Starz, AMC and others so that’s a plus.

Mary Kay
2020-03-29 23:10:07

Thank you Sling!

I cut the cord a few years ago and never had an issue with over the air tv. I'm not a big tv watcher so over the air was fine. For some reason, this year I was unable to access the superbowl. I usually dont go out to watch but it was a different change of pace for this year only. I started investigating streaming tv plans so I can watch the games this season without issue. I've read mostly negative reports about Sling so they were bottom of my list of checking free trials. With COVID19 keeping me indoors more than usual I figured I'd give Sling a try. I was stunned when I found out Sling is offering 14 days FREE. No billing info required and no personal info either. They are not shoving this down peoples throats or making a big show of their generosity as so many other companies are doing. That alone moved Sling up my list of possibilities for when I sign up for a streaming plan. I am on day 2 of FREE Sling. I've checked out about 4 channels over 2 days, a couple hours each and all work buffering issues. For full disclosure I had HGTV going earlier today and there was a few minutes that buffering looked like it might be an issue. Again, it lasted a few minutes only so no long term issue. So, now Sling is at the top of my list. Thank you Sling for SEAMLESSLY allowing me to fill the extra downtime I'm going through. More full disclosure, tv watching is not a priority in my life in regular times. I dont have or require a home theater; if there is an issue with picture quality, I'd only know it if someone pointed it out to me so this opinion is from a "non technically inclined or swayed" person. The only reason I'm not signing up immediately is because I know in a months time (fingers crossed) the tv will be collecting dust again except for news and football season. Thanks again Sling!

2020-03-13 05:12:19

Mostly OK

Mostly OK, but...It's worth the price -- I pay about $30/month including the $5/month option for DVR, which is VASTLY better than the cable I was paying for, almost $200/month and I only watch a handful of stations.PROS: *SUPER AFFORDABLE!*I get the stations I want, and add-ons aren't expensive, including the DVR option.*The DVR records a pretty good amount of hours.*Really easy sign-up, easy to make changes, many stations available, no surprises, no contract.*Easy to navigate within the app.*You can pause and rewind in some shows, even if they're not recorded.CONS:*The app will randomly shut down. This happens often. Like at least several times a day. Sometimes it goes back to my main (Apple TV) menu and I have to navigate back to the app for it to reload.*Freezing. REALLY annoying, also random. A show will freeze for a few seconds, then start up again, but when it restarts, there is no sound so you lose probably 15 seconds, only on live shows where the rewind option isn't available. *Not a lot of options for network, local TV and weather.All in all, I love paying this as opposed to cable, but it does come with drawbacks.

Ann R
2020-03-05 05:28:46

Bad connection, bad interface, bad customer service

This is our second time signing up with Sling and we're disappointed again. Bad connection, constant freezes, blackouts, sound shutoffs, picture delays, what not. Also they love to raise rates or remove channels as they please without prior notice. Interface is awful. Customer service is so-so, mostly keep saying there is nothing they can do, so we dropped it for a second time. They spend a lot on TV advertisement, but instead I would recommend using this money for improving their service. Went with a competitor, about 10 bucks more, but what a difference!

rjr 1836
2020-01-26 17:58:25

7 day trial / Sign-up online Issue

I cut Xfinity cable and bought my own Firestick & digital indoor antenna (together cost less than my cable for one month). I clicked 'sling 7-day free trial' via Amazon firestick and set up an account. Before the end of the 7-day trial, I went to to review the packages. Online offer of $20 first month and $30 after for Blue was my choice. Aha - once I entered my email address, the $20 first month offer simply disappeared ... I was unable to get back to it. The only option was $30/mo. I then cancelled my free trial and still no $20/mo option for me. I signed up, went to 'chat' and asked for the $20 first month option, which they gave me. Be aware, the free 7-day trial could end up costing you $10. Go to sling customer service and ask for $20 first month option before the end of your 7-day trial. Other than this bait issue - the service is fine, but I don't use for my OTA.

Franchesca Stevens
2020-01-08 22:49:54

This is for your marketing department

This is for your marketing department. I have always LOVED your funny commercials. But I believe your most recent karate spot is ill conceived. In light of our country's problem with child hood obesity, I wonder why u would create a segment that steers an active boy away from a physically challenging class to sit on a couch watching more tv. Just saying. Franchesca Stevens in Albuquerque☺

2019-12-02 20:45:32

No refunds, no exceptions, really?

It's a decent streaming service. On an HTPC and streaming through a browser it was choppy, but on a low end roku device, the stream was clear and enjoyable. My first problem with the service came about when they had their dispute with Fox and I was unable to watch NFL games. The sole reason I signed up, and I prepaid in advance for 2 months when they did have the NFL games. The hold out was short lived, and they got the games back. Fast forward two months and in a sort of longish story, I was double charged for the service. Once, on an account I had set up for work, and was not using, and a second time on my home account that I was using. I didn't see the charges until later when I received my credit card statement and noticed both charges on different days. I immediately let Sling know, and they assisted in shutting off my work account. However, they repeatedly stated that it was a pre-pay service and they dont give refunds. I'm sure they could check and see that the work account was never logged into during that month, but it didnt matter to them. I tried Customer Care, a Customer Care Supervisor, and later their twitter account. All of them are more than eager to shut off your account, but wouldnt budge on the charge. Instead of the $43/mo charge I expected for the orange and blue package, I ended up paying $69 with the extra orange charge. I'd even recommended their service as working well, because it did on the roku, and i was recommending it to someone who doesnt care about sports. I'll let them know about the billing trouble I had, and I wont recommend the service anymore. Enjoy the extra $26 sling, you won't be getting anymore out of me.

2019-11-07 01:19:10

Overall I’m happy with Sling but for…no tech support

Overall I’m happy with Sling but for One Big item. Tech support is essentially not available. My issue is that I can delete some recordings on the “dvr” but not all. It’s very frustrating and it’s either1) not possible due to technical issues or2) it is possible but there is no tech support to explain how to delete the episodes that, for me, are non-deletable. .

Craig Pedersen
2019-08-12 12:23:37

DVR does not work well

DVR does not work well. After you watch a recorded program, you cannot delete it without exiting Sling, restarting Sling, then you can delete the program you just watched. Another DVR flaw is if you pause a show, walk away for a few minutes, the show you are watching starts up on its own. Another DVR issue is if you pause a show, exit Sling, when you return to resume show, Sling does not remember where you paused the viewing.

Gar Vance
2018-08-07 17:11:59

VERY UNHAPPY after only 1 week of service! Happier later...

UPDATE:After a couple weeks watching and playing with the new Roku Ultra, I decided to change my review of SlingTV from ONE STAR to four stars. I still stand by what I wrote below, but now that I finally received the Roku, I gotta be is VERY cool. SlingTV is OK for the sports that I need coverage for, but when you add Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the free TV/MOVIE apps available on Roku...well it's mind-numbing how much content is available!MY INITIAL REVIEW:I've heard about Sling TV's "Free 7-Day Trial" for a long time and as my local cable company gave us a 20% increase in our bill this month, I decided to make a change based on cable's price increase. I went to Sling TV's website and looked at their numerous options before choosing to buy a Roku Ultra for $50 in addition to 3 months of service. Later I found out that I did not qualify for the "Free 7-Day Trial" because I purchased the Roku at a discounted price. So highly recommend trying the Sling TV 7-Day Free Trial before any financial commitment. (I'm not sure how many people will want Sling TV after a free trial because of so many issues like buffering, pauses, hard to use interface with the app alone, etc.)On August 1st, one day after I placed the order online, I received an email from Sling TV saying, "Good news! Your Roku Ultra is on the way. Expect a package to arrive within the next few days. You’ll be watching your personal channel lineup on your big screen in no time." This was NOT TRUE and set me up for an unrealistic expectation!On August 7th, eight days after I ordered Sling TV, I called them to inform them that my Roku Ultra has not arrived. It turns out that their week-old email was a LIE because the Roku had not even been sent, thus delaying it as much as an additional week! I have been playing with the Sling TV app since last week, but it is clunky and hard to work with on my computer and not nearly as easy or convenient without the Roku or other interface. The worst part is the channels often pauses or buffers, and that is REALLY annoying! Sling TV recommends a minimum internet speed of 25 Mbps and my internet is over 100 Mbps plus I'm hard-wire connected with a CAT-5 cable instead of connecting wirelessly, but still get frustrating buffering when I watch!So I contacted Sling TV today (via chat and phone) asking to cancel my subscription and refund my money. I did so because they had not fulfilled their email promise to me. I politely asked to get out of the contract and have a refund issued, but all three SlingTV representatives/supervisors I talked with told me that it was NOT possible because I agreed to purchase the Roku Ultra and 3 months of service. I was told "Sorry you're unhappy, but we can not help you!"I was then promised by Victor that my Roku Ultra would "definitely" be here in 3 days (this Friday, August 10th.) So IMHO, Sling TV’s customer's service won’t help you even if your complaint is fair and reasonable. I’m hoping the Roku will come by Friday and that this interface will make Sling TV a better experience. If not, I will re-connect to our local Spectrum cable and pay three times more for a much better picture quality, better customer service and far greater channel selection. In hindsight, switching to Sling TV was a bad decision for me.CONCLUSION: (1) NEVER sign up for Sling TV without a "Free 7-Day Trail." (That way you can quit without going thru the frustration I did.)(2) Be sure your internet speed is high enough, and be willing to accept the fact that your Sling TV program will pause and buffer regardless of your internet speed!(3) The old saying, "You get what you pay for" is most often true! Paying 3 times as much for cable TV may be worth it as you get MANY more channels with a better interface and no buffering or annoying pauses of your TV programs. Plus Spectrum’s customer service IS far superior…I’ll give them that!

2017-01-31 19:33:50

Solid Service

Used sling during their trial period and thought it was pretty good. I didn't keep it because of the price, but would use again for major TV events.

Valarie Ames
2017-01-15 23:28:04

Great price!

For the service offered its a great price cable TV is to expensive, however I do wish it could include a Chanel like VHI

Lee Boatright
2017-01-15 08:02:59

The best of tv

The price is the best part, But its also the easiest to use. The on demand does not have as much available for most channels but it has all of the best shows. I enjoy watching sling tv.

Phillip Estelle
2017-01-14 17:14:47

At least one streaming provider knows what consumers want

Frankly, most streaming TV services simply don't get it. Being able to stream live TV over the internet was not the reason I chose sling TV. I chose them because they offered what I wanted: small bass packages with most of the channels that I wanted, with smaller add-on packages to customize it to my needs. It seems that most streaming services offer large bundles and end up costing just as much as normal cable TV. The reason I ditched traditional cable TV was because I resented paying for hundreds of channels that I never wanted and never watch. With sling TV, I get a lot less of that. Sure, it's not perfect, but it gives me the channels that I need at a reasonable price without the need to give media conglomerates money for channels that I have no interest in.

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