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Amberen Reviews

Leslie Namee
2020-05-04 17:08:51

I have been taking Amberen for over a…

I have been taking Amberen for over a year now. I can's say enough about it. No more hot flashes at all. I have not had any side affects at all. I highly recommend Amberen.

2020-05-01 03:44:12

I've been taking Amberen for two months…

I've been taking Amberen for two months now, and finally no more night sweats I stopped drinking coffee and cut down on sweets and also my addiction to Hershey's chocolates had stoped... that helped too., But I've noticed my body hair not growing as fast as before and my eyelashes are almost gone I tried to curl them and that's when I realized it, they were to short so I wasn't able to curl them...don't understand why this is happening.

2020-01-15 03:21:18

Think twice!!!!!!

To all who have even thought of purchasing Amberen...please think twice!!! I'm not even quite sure how to rate it. I have taken Amberen for 11 years...Long time? Too long? Not thinking twice of the possible ramifications that could be lurking down the road for me!!!So I kept popping them, every day, feeling good, no side effects and wondering, Will I take Ambern for life? When should I stop? How long does it take to rid my system from "Amberen"?And everytime I called to order more...they kept taking my money, thanking me for being such a loyal customer knowing full well how long I've taken "Amberen"Well, a week ago I started experiencing some Thyroid issues...Hyperthyroidism to be frank.My symptoms; Hair loss, heart palpitations, weight loss, shaking hands etc.A lifetime of great health, no family thyroid history and now wondering, will my thyroid level out after discontinuing use. Only time will tell.To date I have stopped taking Amberen and I'm hoping I can take back my great health. I guess taking anything for toooo long may have consequences. If it effected my Thalamus could it have effected my Thyroid? My diagnosis was from my TSH, FT4 and FT3 lab tests.After I take my Thyroid Scan and Uptake I'll get another Thyroid test...wish me luck!Stay healthy and ThinkTwice!!!*These are strictly my opinions and you are free to do as you want.

2019-11-14 05:12:29

Into this about a month i have just…

Into this about a month i have just realized after second trip to urgent care that my blinding headaches started after i started this product. My blood pressure was very hi also, my bp meds did not help lower it. I am stopping this product reluctantly because i felt it was starting to stop the night sweats. I am now at a loss as to what to do with my night sweats and lack of sleep.

2019-10-13 15:35:57

I have found that the hot flashes and…

I have found that the hot flashes and mood are better only been using 3 weeks I do have a concern of my hair is thinning aot since starting amberen

Telana Brand
2019-10-03 14:54:45

I purchased Amberen 3 days ago at CVS

I purchased Amberen 3 days ago at CVS. It was the last box. I was so desperate for something to help with the night sweats and hot flashes. I am on my 3rd day and I have seen a significant decrease in the hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. The only side effect was I woke up with a headache, but that is not uncommon for me so I can't definitively say that Amberen caused the headache. I am 49 years old and I had a partial hysterectomy at 27. I have been experiencing menopausal symptoms for about 6 years. I will continue to take Amberen as it seems to be working. Telana

Michelle Dane
2019-07-21 12:12:33

I have been using Amberen for 30 days

I have been using Amberen for 30 days, I have noticed my sleep has improved and feeling less edgy. With the hot flashes, they are fewer and not so much at night. I like the product so far. I will continue to use it for 90 days to see any other benefits

Donna King
2019-07-08 20:32:38

I have been taking Amberen for over 3…

I have been taking Amberen for over 3 months. I have a ton of energy and less hot flashes. I am in a great mood all the time. My husband actually goes and gets them when I get close to running out. He does that because I used to be really grouchy before I started taking them.

2019-04-27 16:19:08

Just bought this product and praying it…

Just bought this product and praying it helps. Does this product help with hormonal hair loss. Anyone out there experiencing this and saw improvements with Amberen?

Amanda Wells
2019-04-10 08:55:47

At almost 45 I was battling hot flashes…

At almost 45 I was battling hot flashes nightly.I made the decision to stop use of hormonal birth control pills and immediately started amberen.after almost a month of use I feel like my old self again.I have also lost a lot of that bloated feeling and my jeans fit better.I don't feel the urge to snack as much and have increased energy throughout the day.this product claims to even out your hormonal levels and I totally believe its working.I can't wait to see if in 90 days I am still sleeping through the nights and if I've dropped any weight but it is definately worth the 30.00 I've spent so far.I'm relieved I've lost the sense of being powerless to what is naturally occurring to my body.thank you for this product.I recommend it to anyone who is in perimenopause.

2019-03-20 14:32:14

It works Great

It works Great! I would wake up every hour with hot flashes and was not getting any sleep which was making me very crabby. I Tried lots of things but nothing helped. I heard about Amberen and I went through the whole month packet and it started working. I slept a full night with out waking up and I feel great and renewed and have stated my second month supply and again slept all night. I will continue taking it cause with out sleep makes mama a very crabby person. Thanks and I hope it continues to work. Tina

Mechelle Williams
2019-03-14 17:11:56

I turned 50 last August

I turned 50 last August, I hadnt had a period in 6 months and every day i felt worse. I had weight gain and my mood was very low. Not only was i depressed but everything irritated me. I have been experiencing menopause symptoms for over a year. I went late one evening and bought Amberen. The directions said to take after breakfast. I felt so bad and was so desperate for relief that i said "well its after breakfast..." and i took my first dose. Im not even exaggerating that within just hours i felt some relief. My mood lifted but i did notice a headache. The box says it takes 60-90 days to feel the full effect and no side effects. I experienced a headache (felt like a period headache) for 4 more days. I have taken the reccommended dosage now for the last 5 days and yesterday i started my period. I have, since day 1, felt better every day. For me, its been like a miracle pill!! It has regulated me and i cant wait to feel the "full effects" over the next 90 days.

friendly gator
2019-02-23 01:27:53

This product changed my life

This product changed my life. I am 53 now and I was mood swinging real bad. From one extreme to the other.i started meno pause phase at 44. I tried some other products but nothing was working. I refused to try prescription drugs. Boy it was terrible. Then I heard of this product . It mellows me out without brain fog. More energetic. Gives me exactly what I needed. Love this product. My husband does too by the way.

Rachael Patterson
2019-02-14 02:05:46

This product works!!

I've been taking Amberen for about a year and a half. Have had two physicals during this time. I told my doctor I was pretty sure Amberen was helping to relieve my irritability, fatigue and night sweats. My hot flashes became less frequent too. Recently, I messed up my subscribe and save order so I've gone without for a little more than two weeks. I'm now 100% certain that Amberen has helped with all the symptoms listed above. I'm currently exhausted, extremely moody and my night sweats have returned. Am expecting the package to arrive tomorrow & I'm so ready! This product works!! It took my going off of it to recognize how much. I'm curious to see how long it takes for me to balance out again. Will try to remember to update.

Sheryllynn McGrew
2019-01-16 15:30:08

I have been taking Amberen for 3 months…

I have been taking Amberen for 3 months and have had excellent experience...until just last week. All of a sudden the night sweats are back. The actual hot flashes have gone away but I have started sweating profusely since last week, only at night, and the temperature in my home is 65 degrees. I should not be sweating. I was wondering if the body builds up an immunity to Amberen and what can I do about it?

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